Deliver Customer Messaging Across Channels

Your customers expect to be able to message with your brand from any device for any reason. Helpshift gives you the tools to provide a delightful support experience on a massive scale.

The Benefits of Customer Messaging

Intuitive and easily accessible customer messaging options are now vital in today’s competitive marketplaces. Customers are beginning to expect more from the brands that they shop with, and a key expectation is quick, responsive support from experienced customer service team members.

Using customer messaging platforms, buyers can connect with service teams to resolve a whole host of common queries. Automation can be used to fix common issues, and more complex tasks can easily be passed on to skilled customer service representatives.

Messaging platforms mean that customers no longer have to waste time waiting on hold to speak to a representative. Instead they can access speedy resolutions to their problems via a user-friendly platform. This results in a vastly improved experience, leading to improved retention rates and customer loyalty.

Master the In-App Customer Messaging Experience

With Helpshift’s In-App messaging, you can provide on-demand support right within your mobile experience. With metadata collected through Helpshift’s SDK, you have the context you need to resolve issues faster. Push notifications let you keep your customers informed and engaged.

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Brands that use customer messaging see an average CSAT of 4.1, 35% higher than the average CSAT for email.

Web Messaging

With Helpshift Web Messaging, customers never have to wait on hold, they can respond on their own time, and they have the ability to return to the conversation at any time. Organizations increase operational efficiency as agents can support two to four times as many customers as compared to live chat.

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Phone Support

A phone strategy that respects the time and communication style of the modern customer is now possible. Brands can help customers get answers by guiding them towards messaging with our simple IVR integration, and agents can escalate support issues from messaging to a call. This can all happen from one unified thread for both the agent and the customer.

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Helpshift Email lets you manage email support from the same dashboard as your other channels. Your agents can leverage canned responses and knowledge articles to respond quickly and efficiently.

Live Chat

Messaging can be real-time, not just asynchronous. Helpshift enables live chat using the same engine as web messaging. That means you can easily add a web chat widget to offer a live chat experience right on your website. Bots ensure that your customers always receive an immediate response.

3rd Party Apps

Be where your customers are by reaching them through popular channels such as Apple Business Chat or Google’s Rich Communication Services. With Helpshift, you’ll have everything you need to make the most out of connecting with your customers on third party channels.

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