Phone Tree App for a Digital-First World

Delivering a great customer experience across phone and digital is now possible with Helpshift’s integrated IVR phone tree system and messaging.

How Can a Phone Tree App Improve Customer Messaging?

Traditionally a phone tree system was used to reach all relevant members of an organization quickly. You would have a phone tree system in place whereby you would call a subset of members who would then take that intel and relay it to the next line who would share it with the next line etc. A modern phone tree app does exactly that but with the click of a button and much less time on the phone!

Today’s buyers are shopping on mobile devices more than they ever have done before, and this trend is set to continue over the coming years. So, brands need to do all they can to facilitate easy eCommerce via mobile devices. But it’s not just about mobile shopping itself.

Forward-thinking companies are now equipping their customers with the technology they need to access customer service teams, via their mobiles. Phone Tree Apps are leading the way here, making it possible for customers to connect with service personnel without having to lift a finger.

Phone tree apps automate the old phone tree system by allowing you to contact all your customers with one message or text. A messaging tree is an effective way to send out reminders, schedule changes, and other information in an efficient way.

Integrating seamlessly into the IVR phone tree, Helpshift enables consumers to “Dial 1” to access all the benefits of a brand’s customer messaging platform – and this makes all the difference to the customer experience.


With Helpshift messaging tree for Phone brands can easily redirect calls to digital messaging. By integrating directly into the IVR phone tree, Helpshift enables your consumers to “Dial 1” to open a messaging experience within their mobile app or on the mobile web. Bots, AI and automation work across these channels to further reduce volume and offer consumers an intuitive and speedy path to resolution.


With Helpshift for Phone, brands can enable agents and consumers to easily move from a messaging experience to a phone call when necessary. Helpshift for Phone is purpose-built for managing this handoff in a frustration-free manner that makes a context-driven phone call feel extra personal. Agents and customers can easily initiate a call in real-time.

Phone Tree App that’s Smart, Not Siloed

Picking up the phone doesn’t have to mean lost context. With Helpshift’s C3 platform, the entire support journey, from phone to messaging and more, is contained within a single conversation thread that is visible to both brands and consumers. As consumers move from one channel to the next, they simply pick up where they left off. Enjoy a free trial of IVR phone tree before phone tree pricing comes into effect, this way you can see how beneficial it will be for your customers’ experience.

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Phone Tree App Example Scripts

We’d like your organization to have customized messages so that they’re personalized for your customers but here are some examples of phone tree app scripts that can be used:

  • Cancellations: “We’re sorry the event has been cancelled due to bad weather”
  • Emergencies: “One of our team have been in an accident, meetings today cancelled”
  • Updates: “We have hit our quarterly targets! Thank you for all your hard work”
  • Reminders: “Please remember to bring sunscreen and a hat to this afternoon’s meet”

These are great ways to keep everyone informed in a concise and efficient manner using an automated phone tree system.

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