Customer Service Automation

Respond to customers faster, resolve issues more effectively, lighten agent workloads, and lower customer support costs.

What is Customer Service Automation?

Customer service automation is a type of technology focused on improving the capabilities of customer service teams. Using automated software, applications and online platforms, teams can quickly access all the information they need to improve the customer service they offer. Automated bots can be used to resolve common queries on behalf of customers, so every customer has quick access to the answers they’re looking for. More complex queries can then be prioritised by the same automated technology, and passed on to a human agent in a seamless and efficient way. Automation can make a huge difference to the service that customers receive, helping to improve retention rates and ensure glowing reviews every time.

Customer Service Automation for Workflows and Self-Service

Our visual bot builder lets you quickly automate interactions across the customer journey, without professional services. You can build bots rapidly, add them iteratively and test them instantly, using no code at all. Use rich data from the conversation stream to invoke bot automations while providing a seamless experience.

More On Bots

Intelligent Issue Classification

Helpshift’s classification engine replaces manual triage with automated, AI-powered classification. The engine labels issues and triggers automated routing to the right agent or bot, and continuously learns based on agent feedback. Keyword-based tagging is no longer necessary.

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Automated Issue Routing

Helpshift’s automated routing allows you to prioritize urgent cases and high-value customers. Precisely route a case to the correct bot or agent, and orchestrate how humans and bots collaborate to quickly resolve customer problems.

Our Rundown On Routing

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