Why Choose AI for Your Customer Service?

Modern customers expect fast, frictionless, and personalized support from their favorite brands. And AI customer service is here to help companies achieve this.

Using AI customer service, brands can rapidly enhance the support they’re able to offer, and that makes a huge difference to the experience that customers enjoy. The technology has become increasingly valuable to companies seeking to scale, but it’s also vital for brands looking to reduce the overall cost of their customer service offering – without compromising on quality.

By automating repetitive tasks, brands can give more time back to their users and agents, meaning their capabilities automatically expand. AI customer service also ensures consistency for all customers, enabling brands to offer a uniform customer experience that always delivers.

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Instantly Build and Deploy

Helpshift’s AI solutions are ready out-of-the-box, meaning that you can easily add or integrate our technology to existing processes and reap the benefits from day 1. Our AI uses a unique combination of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to fully automate the information collection and issue classification process, allowing you to eliminate wait times, resolve issues faster, and automatically escalate issues without any agent involvement.


Reduce Response Times with AI Customer Service

Helpshift’s QuickSearch Bot is a chatbot that leverages Natural Language Processing to instantly identify the intent behind a customer’s first message, and respond with content from your knowledge base. Tailored for specific use cases, QuickSearch Bot is configured automatically and can be enabled with a single click.

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Cut Repetitive Agent Tasks

Our issue classification engine Predict uses open Machine Learning models that automatically classify and route incoming tickets for a specific type of issue or ticket.  You can upload and configure an AI model in just a few minutes, giving you full control over Predict’s efficacy without any data scientist or professional services involvement.

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Save Customers’ Time

Modern consumers communicate with short text messages that make it harder for generic AI engines to classify intent. Helpshift’s AI algorithms are specially designed to classify this type of information.

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Improved Agent Efficiency

Your agents are our customers too — we use this same natural language processing to provide response recommendations to your agents by looking at their prior interactions. Helpshift’s native AI algorithm also continuously learns and improves in real time. Our proprietary model learns based on data collected from FAQ reads, agent feedback and conversation history.

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