Let AI Automate Your Skill Based Routing

Intelligent issue classification and routing gives your team more time to tackle complex issues.

Improve Speed and Scalability

Though a simple task, manual ticket routing and reassignment is often a slow, ineffective and error-prone task. Start saving customers time and frustration through automation and AI that manages downstream processes with a higher accuracy than human agents — all of this made available for any channel, from a single platform.

Classify Tickets Automatically

Helpshift’s AI-powered classification engine Predict gives you the power to customize and deploy AI models that automatically label customer issues. Once the AI model is trained in Helpshift, Predict will automatically label for a specific set of issue type (such as ‘lost account’ or ‘missing item’) the instant a ticket is created. The Predict AI algorithm only needs to be trained once, outperforms standard keyword automations, and continuously improves over time based on agent feedback. Just upload a CSV file of responses, and let Predict do the rest.

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Maximize Agent Productivity

Once tickets are classified, Helpshift automatically triages issues to specific agents and queues based on language, user type, customer status, and other criteria. You can segment tickets further based on priority, or use skills-based routing to reach the most qualified agents.

Easily Manage SLAs

Time-based and new issue automation allows you to engage bots, tag issues, send auto responses, and trigger actions that enable you to deliver high quality service and maintain multiple SLAs.

Explore how automation can streamline your issue classification and routing.