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Asynchronous Messaging is the New Normal

Give your customers and agents their time back by prioritizing asynchronous communication.

Convenient and Contextual

When your customers use WhatsApp or iMessage to communicate with each other, they don’t expect an immediate response. They know that they can respond at their leisure, be notified when there is a message waiting, and pick up the conversation wherever it left off. Now customers can communicate with brands through that same fun and familiar channel.

Augmented by Automation

Asynchronous messaging is the ideal container for bots and artificial intelligence. These technologies can work in tandem to collect information, suggest helpful self-service options, and route issues to the proper agents ensuring that your customers’ issues are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Get in Sync with your Customers

Scale and Save

Identifying the customers and issues that can be handled asynchronously is the first step towards huge cost savings. Because Helpshift’s bots and AI can do a lot of the heavy lifting, you won’t need to staff a complete, 24-7 agent workforce.

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