Knowledge Management

Help Your Customers Help Themselves

Reduce your support team’s workload and deflect high-cost agent interactions with self service

Self service can dramatically decrease the number of issues submitted

  • 95% Ticket deflection when self service is enabled (Source: Helpshift Customers)
  • 90% Consumers who expect a brand or organization to offer a self service support portal or frequently asked questions page (Source: Microsoft’s Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report)

In-channel Self Service

Give customers control — and access to your knowledge base — with a branded,
AI-powered self service support portal

AI-Powered Answer Bot

Deliver dramatically faster, smarter issue resolution with AI-powered Answer Bot. Instantly deliver relevant answers to your customer inquiries and seamlessly transition to human agents when needed.

Native Knowledge Articles

Reduce churn by allowing your customers to quickly find answers to questions without leaving your app.

Web Help Center

Deflect tickets and increase customer satisfaction by offering your website users a searchable, self-populating and easy-to-navigate help center.

Our data showed that customers with shorter response times were much happier. Web Chat has been a game-changer for Chatbooks. Now, agents can immediately help customers through our step-by-step ordering process, improving cart conversion. Helpshift is directly impacting our revenue and customers are thrilled with the speedy response.
Angel BrockbankDirector of Support, Chatbooks
Once we actually launched and went live in the app store, obviously the scope of customer issues increased radically. Helpshift’s platform allowed the support team to be able to efficiently tackle incoming tickets, largely thanks to the platform’s ability to escalate and segment tickets by user and category type.
Kevin HenriksonPartner Director of Engineering, Microsoft


Powerful Search

Make the self service experience effortless for your customers with our built-in search capability that displays suggestions as they type.

Custom Branding

Customize the look and feel of your help center to match the branding on your website and apps.


Deliver native service to your international users with our built-in localization capability that seamlessly switches between languages based on device and browser settings.


Track your customers searches, analyze FAQ efficacy and develop the content your customers need with Power BI Deflection Report.

Drive efficient and effective self-service across channels at a reduced cost