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Mobile Customer Service Software That Keeps Users in Your App

Helpshift’s fully-native, battle-tested, easy-to-integrate SDK increases retention and reduces churn.

The last thing you want is to force your users to leave your app in order to get help.

  • 47% of app users delete apps that are frustrating and don’t provide support

Mobile-Native Customer Service

The Helpshift SDK is the mobile customer service solution for companies looking to provide seamless service with conversational messaging and intuitive self-service in their mobile or desktop apps.

Platform Messaging Helpshift

Threaded Messaging Experience

Users and agents will be able to message back and forth at their discretion: in real-time or otherwise. Conversations are not sessioned, messages are cached and user data is captured to keep agents as informed as possible.

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Intelligent FAQs Available 24/7

FAQs are easily searchable, even when the device is offline. With intelligent type ahead search capability, users can find what they are looking for even if they don’t know how to phrase their question correctly (or make a typo)!

Customer Service Push Notifications

Ready-to-Use Push and In-App Notifications

Users don’t have to wait for a response from the agent. They can continue with their day-to-day and are notified  when an agent has responded to them. Companies can proactively message their customers for feedback requests, deal alerts, bug resolution and more.

Since switching from Zoho to Helpshift’s in-app FAQs and In-app messaging our ticket volume has dropped 21%! The switch was totally worth it.
Sonia FerrónCustomer Service Manager at Wallapop

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