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Transform Your Customer Service With Sensible Bots And AI

Deliver frictionless self-service, automate those manual, time-wasting processes, and drive new levels of service efficiency

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Introducing Helpshift SensAI

Designed specifically for customer service, SensAI is a revolutionary turnkey AI & Bots solution that dramatically improves the customer experience while reducing the cost and complexity of your service operations. Easy to deploy and built for scale – your AI and Bots solution has arrived.

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Reduce response times, maximize service team efficiency, and eliminate overhead associated with manual triage with AI-powered issue classification. With Helpshift’s turnkey AI engine, customize and deploy self-learning AI models without additional contractors, developers or data scientists.

  • Based on AI-powered issue classification, automations route issues to specific agents, send auto responses, add tags and more.
  • The addition of AI enables unprecedented levels of efficiency compared to using keyword automations alone. With AI, incoming issues are triaged with higher and higher levels of accuracy as the machine continuously learns and improves based on agent feedback.
  • Supervisors no longer have to manually add keywords or create new workflows for emerging trends as the AI engine only needs to be trained once.
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Deflect high-cost agent interactions with instant, in-channel self-service and optimize support workflows by automating collection of routine information using bots.

  • Deploy bots across the customer journey, right from the first interaction. Bots can be utilized to suggest knowledge articles, ask clarifying questions, request feedback, and much more.
  • Build your own bots or customize pre-built bots without developers or contractors.
  • Bots are available in 11 languages.
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Quickly spot trends, proactively identify issues and take a data-driven approach to managing your support needs with AI-powered Insights.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of all incoming inquiries, discern customer intent and analyze patterns as they emerge.
  • Identify and understand root causes of issues, and take necessary steps to address them before they become widespread and affect other customers.

Some of the main benefits in implementing AI and bots for us is definitely erasing some of the very repetitive, manual tasks—like restoring accounts, refunds—things like that that are very basic, easy to resolve, but also volume generators.

Saara BergströmCMO at Next Games

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