Comprehensive Case Management

Orchestrate a seamless, efficient service experience with a complete ticketing platform.

Unified Dashboard

Helpshift makes it possible for agents to use a single unified dashboard, so they can manage cases, ticket data, and interaction history from all incoming channels. Queues and segmentation help your agents prioritize the most important customer issues.

Data-Rich Conversations

Give agents the ability to provide customers with highly-personalized service. Helpshift’s customer view puts complete, contextual, up-to-the-minute customer information at every agent’s fingertips.

Customize Your Service

Using Helpshift, Zynga was able to increase agent productivity and handle 185% more tickets.

The Right Agent on Every Case

With Helpshift you can organize your agents into teams and groups based on their skill sets or expertise. That way, you can instantly manage agents at scale and in real time to increase operational efficiency. Helpshift’s intent classification engine goes one step further, optimizing agent workflows by leveraging AI to automatically classify and triage issues to the right agents.

Take a peek at our customer case management in action.