With a user base of 1.5M, MoneyLion required a scalable and secure solution to provide cross-channel support. Using Helpshift’s digital platform, the financial wellness company has streamlined its omnichannel support operations and improved resolution and response times by 51% without expanding the team or impacting CSAT.

The emerging world of fintech today empowers individuals with financial tools previously only accessible to traditional financial institutions. Companies like MoneyLion provide their customers with the latest technology for user-friendly borrowing, saving, and investing assistance.

“We use superior analytics and machine learning-based technology to gain a 360-degree view of our users’ personal finances, which enables us to deliver uniquely personalized advice and underwriting for each of our customers,” says MoneyLion’s Director of Operations, Cole Sickler.

Providing highly-personalized service at scale is the bottom line, and MoneyLion’s mobile app and website prioritize secure and streamlined processes in order to effectively serve their 1.5 million users.

Security plus Great UX Equals Success

“Working in fintech, security is paramount. Customers trust us with their most sensitive information, and it’s important that we honor that trust with robust standards and procedures. We hold our vendors to the same high standard we hold ourselves,” says Sickler.

But it’s not just about security, it’s also about the customer experience. He adds that “as a financial services company, top-notch customer support is a table stake for us. Quick responses to customer outreach—both proactive, reactive, and across all channels—shows our customers that they’re working with a trusted financial partner.”

That’s where Helpshift comes in. From a single unified workspace, Sickler’s team is able to respond quickly to both mobile app and web-based customer chats, efficiently and securely.

Omnichannel Functionality at Scale Sets Helpshift Apart

“It is very important to us that customers on each of our products are able to have their questions answered with minimum effort and, ideally, immediate response. We’re happy that Helpshift offers seamless options for chat online and in-app,” says Sickler.

For both web and mobile channels, MoneyLion is able to customize user flow, and route customers through self-service options before allowing them to reach out directly. This has significantly lowered chat volume without affecting CSAT, and has also increased agent efficiency.

Helpshift Dashboard Wins Out Over Zendesk

Those remaining customers who are not able to self-serve are able to message MoneyLion through a familiar, conversational interface regardless of device type. Sickler commented that the mobile SDK is very easy to implement with little development work necessary.

The beauty of Helpshift is that it allows mobile users to have access to support specifically optimized for mobile applications, but agents can easily navigate back and forth between in-app and web chats as if they were one and the same. That’s a key reason why MoneyLion switched to Helpshift from Zendesk.

“Centralizing the dashboard makes training for both abilities easier, as well as supervisor and admin oversight and moderation…whereas Zendesk’s e-mail and chat support were divided over different dashboards (Zendesk and Zopim),” says Sickler.

More Users, Same Team, Better ROI

Since using Helpshift, Sickler’s team has been able to respond to and resolve issues 51 percent faster. That means happier customers, and considering how fast they are growing, far more of those happier customers.

“As we grow our product, Helpshift’s optimizations mean that we don’t have to scale our staff at the same rate,” concluded Sickler. That equates to massive ROI.