TinyCo is one of the biggest titans in mobile gaming, so it makes sense that they need our solution for their unimaginable amount of customers. Matt (Director of Community) and Tam-Anh (Support Agent) invited us over to chat about how they employ Helpshift to conquer Issues for one of the top games in the industry. We are the way TinyCo truly delivers customer care at scale. Read below to discover why Matt uses our support solution as an additional member of his customer care team.

Question: What pain point did Helpshift solve for TinyCo?

Matt: We started with Helpshift because we were looking for a searchable FAQ. That’s a very tough thing to find. We found it most helpful in getting information to players quickly. Being able to talk to players in-app also helps significantly when communicating. We basically now treat Helpshift’s FAQ as a member of our team on the frontline, and that member of our team answers a lot of tickets before they get to us.

See how quickly Tam-Anh resolves Issues:

Question: As a Support Agent, what was your first impression using Helpshift?

Tam-Anh: Transitioning over to Helpshift was really simple for me. I think the first thing that impressed me was that it looked visually fresh and really easy on the eyes. I was instantly able to see where the FAQs and Analytics were. It was nice to see a UI made for our ease of use.

How have your players responded to in-app features?

Matt: Our new players are definitely using Helpshift. We noticed that our players are generally more knowledgeable than before. The ability for them to give informed feedback is exactly the kind of ticket we want to be responding to. Because of the search, we find that players are more informed with their issue when they write in the first time. It cuts down on the necessary interactions to solve tickets.

Question: How has Helpshift affected your Agent onboarding?

Matt: We are accustomed to a several week training period. One thing that Helpshift does well is that it makes sense to new hires. We expect someone to learn Helpshift very quickly because everyone else was picking up on it so fast.

Tam-Anh: Our favorite thing about Helpshift is that by publishing information to new players, we also provide that same information automatically to our support team [with canned responses]. Now it’s more about getting our support Agents familiar with the game, rather than familiar with the tool we’re using.

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