Wallapop is an exemplary mobile app success story. This marketplace grew quickly in size and scope, and the company needed to quickly adapt to its expanding user base and accompanying customer service needs. Through Helpshift, Wallapop has been able to do so effectively with a very lean support staff and a 21% reduction in tickets.

What is Wallapop?

Wallapop is a classified flea market app accessible via Android and iOS devices that makes it easy and free to buy and sell items within your neighborhood. Do you have an old toaster oven you want to sell? Need a pair of ice skates? Wallapop, based in Barcelona, Spain, helps you with both types of transactions. The app matches people and products within a one-mile radius of where they live (search criteria can also be expanded geographically). Today, Wallapop boasts a user base of over 20 million with an average of 50,000 trades per day and more than 70 million listings.

A Victim of Own Burgeoning Success

From its launch in 2014 through mid-2015, the Wallapop app was downloaded five million times. During that time there were 25 million user conversations on the site about products. To date, the company has raised various rounds of funding since its launch, making it amongst the best funded tech startups in Spain.

Five million user downloads. That’s a lot of users with potential customer service needs.

In 2014, the company relied on email for customer inquiries with a support staff of three, sharing the same single Gmail inbox. As Wallapop’s customer service manager Sonia Ferron told Helpshift, this made it “quite difficult to organize [inquiries] into types of problems,” amongst other issues. As the company grew and the volume of inquires expanded, this support solution became too slow and unwieldy.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Wallapop switched to Zoho CRM, which was also email-based, but proved too cumbersome to use. Pulling up information was time-consuming because of the poor search function, requiring excessive scrolling through results. Some users also posted inquiries on Wallapop’s Facebook page so the support team wasn’t able to capture their email addresses and reply with help.  Then a wave of user issues, following a temporary technical glitch with the app, moved the company towards a better support solution once again.

Helpshift to the Rescue

Providing support without users ever having to leave the app was the top feature Wallapop was looking for. They found it―and a lot more―in Helpshift. Common questions such as ‘how to use the app’, ‘what to do if a buyer or seller doesn’t show up for a meeting’, and other recurring  user issues are now handled with Helpshift FAQs and automated responses. The results have been stunning.

“Since switching from Zoho to Helpshift’s in-app FAQs and in-app messaging our ticket volume has dropped 21%. The switch was totally worth it,” said Ferron.

The company’s support team also likes to use the bulk action feature that lets them send the same template with information, alerts, or self-service suggestions to dozens or even hundreds of people at the same time. Helpshift’s advanced search feature was also singled out as praise-worthy. Wallapop agents use this feature to do keyword searches of the incoming tickets to find relevant templates, in order to identity and head off system performance issues.

The Results:  A Busy, Orderly Marketplace

Faster service, self-service, and lower ticket volumes. Those are the major benefits Wallapop has enjoyed since becoming a Helpshift customer. FAQs and templates provide information to users for self-help. Support agents respond faster using keyword searches to pull up solution templates with ease and accuracy.

With Zoho CRM, responses averaged five to six days at best. Now the support team boasts  a 24 to 48-hour turnaround (80% improvement). Wallapop has also been able to maintain the same size support team in Spain, even as the app’s user base has grown dramatically. Thanks to features like Helpshift’s Automations, Wallapop’s lean team of nine has been able to accommodate upwards of 80,000 Issues (tickets), per month. Directing users in this virtual neighborhood flea market has become much calmer and systematized thanks to Helpshift.