Gartner found that a company’s mobile brand experience is what sets them apart from the competition. Mobile technology presents an opportunity for businesses to gain that advantage, and missing the chance means revenue losses. Corey Pool – Interactive Product Manager at Shoutz – explains how he builds lasting relationships with customers by meeting them proactively (and not reactively).

How does Shoutz’s focus on customer loyalty translate to your customer care practice?

You can’t expect customers to be loyal if you’re not attentive to them. A key part of encouraging loyalty is being attentive to customers’ needs and making an effort to understand their issues on a human level. We respond quickly to questions, issues or general inquires both because we want to help, and because we want our customers to feel confident they can turn to us for that help. At Shoutz, it’s very important that customers feel like their time is respected.

Has Helpshift enabled you to meet those goals more efficiently?

With Helpshift our user communication flow has greatly improved, and the ability to update our FAQ in real-time is invaluable from a development standpoint. Helpshift has helped us meet our user communication goals since day 1.

As both a gaming company and marketing company, how important are native support options for better brand experiences?

We’re all about building relationships, so we strive to provide users with an intuitive and optimized native support experience, customized for their devices. Helpshift enables us to reach that goal through iOS and Android-specific user experiences. Having native support makes for a better user experience overall: here you may see complications or a general slow-down of functionality from web-based support options, Helpshift’s SDK provides a seamless experience. Finally, the ability to view a user’s cellular device information via the SDK is extremely beneficial. This speeds up the response time for our team, since we don’t have to always follow up first with preliminary questions. All those things come together to make a positive experience for users looking for support, which can complement – and even add to – an overall positive brand experience on a mobile app.

What beginner tips can you offer a mobile company seeking better consumer engagement?

Respect your customers’ time. Understand that their questions, issues, or general inquiries are beneficial to your company, because you can learn from them. For example, if a user is having an issue with a specific device or operating system, their inquiry could inform the technical team of major issues across multiple operating systems. This creates an opportunity for your team to be proactive, alerting users to the issue and the upcoming fix, and can also act as fodder for great content examining and explaining the issue and its solution. By taking those extra steps, you’re not only validating the reporting user’s issue, you’re also encouraging other users to speak up, and showing them you’ll listen.

Do you have any stories to share about a successful customer interaction or metric you’ve reached for your lottery game?

One of my favorite stories happened near the beginning of our Helpshift SDK implementation. A user reached out and was reporting major application issues for a specific operating system. When we noted the issue, our team was able to quickly develop a solution thanks to crucial device information provided through Helpshift. The time saved by having access to that preliminary information is vital to a quick turnaround of a fix. My mind was blown when I realized we had access to that information, and to this day I believe that it’s the most important aspect to Helpshift.

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