When your mobile app caters to people in business, self-service is a necessity to reduce churn. Having a C-level executive wait for assistance means you’ve already lost them to a competitor. Cvent uses Helpshift‘s in-app FAQ to ensure that their busy clients are always up to date and able to solve issues themselves. We spoke with McNeel Keenan about how our features help Cvent keep their bustling customers in the app.

Question: What pain point has Helpshift solved for Cvent?

After introducing our self-service products at a fraction of the cost, we’ve had to iterate quickly to respond to customer feedback. Our developers also deploy major releases often, with numerous minor ones in-between.

Helpshift has aided us in that we now don’t have to consume valuable developer time to update our online and in-app FAQ’s. With an app that has been changing so quickly, not only do we save time in the developer process, but we have been able to keep our customers up to date on the latest news for OnArrival with minimal added effort.

Question: How Important is customer service for mobile apps?

We pride ourselves in Customer Service, and it pays off. We have received the International Service Excellence Award from the Customer Service institute of America for the last 5 years in a row. We provide 24/7 support via phone and email, and going directly through the mobile app with Helpshift felt like the logical next step.

Question: Which Helpshift feature do you think is most useful?

Having that self-service way to update our FAQ and respond to client issues has had the greatest impact. As the product owner, I respond to most of the issues submitted, and it helps keep me on the front lines. I not only address issues as quickly as possible, but also understand common issues that can be addressed with small updates to the application.

Manage your business with the powerful tools that Cvent offers. Allow your busiest customers to serve themselves Helpshift.