Reduce Response Time By 15% in 30 Minutes

Being responsive and reliable is top priority when building a trustworthy brand. One way that Yaxi affirms that vision is to make customer support frictionless within their app. Rodrigo Higuera, Partner and Lead Mobile Developer at Yaxi, kindly offered insights on how he leverages Helpshift to deliver timely customer support.

Question: Why is having an in-app help desk important for your business?

Running a taxi business in Mexico is a challenging market because there are often sudden issues. Many people simply have a fear of taking cabs, they and want assurances. Having an in-app help solution is critical for keeping in contact with our customers on the move. We use Helpshift to provide support for both the drivers and their customers. It’s a great way to keep track of their needs directly. And the user experience improves.


Question: What other help desks did you try out before choosing Helpshift? Why did you not stick with them?

We tried Zendesk and Hipmob. Zendesk’s email service was not responsive enough for our company. Email is not a good enough channel. Real-time chats are not feasible there.

We also weren’t able to have agents available 24/7. It’s too expensive and not scalable. Helpshift’s in-app messaging allows us to be inside the app and yet still inform passengers when agents are not there. Also, at the time, most help desks didn’t have iterations for both iOS and Android available.

Question: How has Helpshift improved your internal Development and Customer Support Process?

At the end of every week we quickly scan, classify, and review the issues, then compare it to last week. That’s how we see the health of our business. It also shows where we stand with passengers. Customer statistics, numbers, and measurements matter to us. We use Helpshift to help us tag, organize, and monitor the process of customer support.

Question: Which Helpshift feature do you use the most? Why?

We like tagging issues in the dashboard. We receive a lot of support issues and those filters allow a better way to organize. We can segment incoming issues based on frequent usage, location, and more. And of course in-app messaging is big for us. The in-app messaging helps us provide immediate customer support for our service. But that would be tough to track without your organization system that goes with it.

The searchable FAQ is also useful. Roughly 15% of people use the FAQ and questions often get deflected there. Having 15% less tickets definitely helps our business stay affordable.

With Helpshift, Yaxi managed to:

  • Respond to Customers 24/7
  • Reduce Overall Ticket Volume by 15%
  • Speak with Passengers at the time of need
  • Organize their support infrastructure
  • Create a trustworthy brand in a difficult market

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