How a Startup Inspires Brand Ambassadors

Customers have trouble trusting new businesses. When you need to show that your company is worth investing in, providing instant knowledge makes a world of difference. Rebecca Stelea, Head of Customer Retention at Bizzby, told us how a startup company can:

  • Build brand and customer trust when you need it most
  • Maintain excellent customer service despite volume and team size
  • Create evangelists that acquire more users
  • Turn client suggestions into user experience upgrades

Why the emphasis on great customer support at Bizzby?

As a start-up, customer service defines our brand and how customers perceive us. It can be the difference between people who try us out and people who are happy to return. It is therefore vital for a small and growing company to maintain high levels of customer service, especially in the on demand service industry, which is all about trust between the client and the service provider. We pride ourselves on keeping customers as happy as possible, whether this is by responding to our rare complaints quickly or by taking on board valuable suggestions from clients with ideas on how to better our user experience.

Why did you switch from email support to in-app messaging for your app?

We switched to in-app messaging due to the accessibility for our customers. Our on-demand service needs fast and easy communication between the operations managers and our customers, and we felt emails were too unreliable and easy to miss. With Helpshift we have good visibility on all conversations. We can quickly assign messages to the relevant team and–most importantly–build trust from our customers who know that help is at hand within seconds.

Does the in-app FAQ help people who “need things now”?


We are still experimenting! On-demand customers tend to prefer direct contact with the company. Helpshift provides this link as they know their question will be dealt with quickly. With a small team we are unable to take too many calls all day long and would much prefer it if our user base tried our FAQ section before writing in to us. For the minority of people who do use our FAQ, we have good visibility on whether it was helpful to them or not, thus giving us good scope to always adapt and change when necessary.

Do you have any stories to share about an awesome customer interaction?

Customer interaction has taken a whole new turn since switching to Helpshift. Due to its casual chat feeling, most customers feel very comfortable chatting to us and the tone is very friendly. Many of them simply get in touch to give us good feedback! They are amazed by how fast we reply and how simple the whole process is. We also love the experience as our customers don’t have to leave the app to get in touch, it’s all native! BIZZBYers seem to really appreciate that aspect, and this can only mean they want to spend more time on our app, so why would we have it any other way?

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