Why Lifelike Apps Stopped Using Zendesk

After four years as a Zendesk customer, mobile application developer Lifelike Apps has made the move to Helpshift — and it hasn’t looked back.

Lifelike Apps produces graphically stunning mobile apps that bring the objects users know and love in real life to their iPhones and iPads. The company’s innovative apps are characterized by their realism, their elegance, and uncompromising ease of use. Lifelike Apps produces many popular lifestyle, finance, and utility apps, including Daily for Craigslist, Stock Market HD, Currency Converter HD, Photo Album for Facebook, Cards HD, as well as Youtopia for YouTube. All together, these applications are being accessed by well over two million active users each month.

Lifelike Apps understands that responding promptly to consumer questions and resolving any issues quickly is critical to the company’s ongoing success. But to accomplish these goals, Lifelike needed an intelligent mobile helpdesk solution designed with the mobile user in mind.

The Challenge

Mobile app users who have questions or technical issues want immediate answers. Application developers have to be poised to respond very quickly, or risk losing those users. With the ever-growing number of apps available, users will simply download another app rather than wait for their issue to be resolved. Lost users translates to a loss of revenue and possible negative reviews, which in turn can result in a further decrease in customer retention.

As Lifelike Apps’ user base continued to grow, the resources required to support their users increased proportionately. Too much time was being spent answering simple questions, instead of focusing on finding solutions for customers who were having more significant issues. Lifelike Apps also realized that timeliness in customer response and resolution was critical to user satisfaction. While Zendesk facilitated communication between the developers and their users, it lacked the high-touch and immediacy for answering support questions from Lifelike Apps’ mobile users. A change was needed.

Lifelike Apps

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation, Lifelike Apps made the decision to switch to Helpshift’s mobile helpdesk in late 2013. Basic integration of the system only took a few hours, and the process was fully integrated, tested, and complete within just two days. The company saw an immediate improvement in its ability to communicate with its users in a timely and more efficient manner.

“The immediacy of Helpshift’s communication tool was our key motivation to making the change.” — Bob Gallagher, VP of Operations, Lifelike Apps

The Benefits

With Helpshift, Lifelike Apps’ customer service agents are now able to respond to numerous support tickets by linking to a FAQ article for simple questions. The in-app FAQ knowledge base has enabled Lifelike Apps developers to spend far less time answering basic questions, giving them more time to focus on users who are experiencing more difficult technical issues instead.

The in-app messaging feature makes communicating with users very simple and enables Lifelike Apps’ Support Team to engage with multiple users at once. Unlike the email ticketing system of Zendesk, Helpshift allows Lifelike Apps to efficiently and immediately handle a large volume of user inquiries. The combination of chat-style messaging and the immediate use of support personnel enables developers to not only solve issues quickly, it also helps understand the features and functionality users want to see in future versions. As Bob put it, “Helpshift makes it easier for customers facing issues to get in touch with those in our team that can make things happen.”

The empowerment of the user community to get immediate answers to simple questions has resulted in an increase in positive feedback and reviews across all app stores. Helpshift’s Request App Review feature allows Lifelike Apps to request users who have had problems resolved to leave a review on an app store. Lifelike Apps has identified this feedback as a powerful way of leveraging customer satisfaction with the support process, as well as a serving as a marketing tool for acquiring new users. Satisfied users leave more positive reviews in the app stores, and are more likely to download other products from Lifelike Apps.

The Future

Lifelike Apps has every intention of expanding its use of additional Helpshift features in the future. With Helpshift’s new real-time analytics feature, Lifelike Apps will be able to get metrics on user resolution rates and agent performances. This information will enable them to increase efficiency and provide even better customer support.

Since making the switch to Helpshift, Lifelike Apps has seen an increase in the volume of quality support inquiries. Lifelike Apps sees this as a positive sign. It demonstrates that ease and speed of communication is something users respond well to. Instead of passively watching users give up and switch to a different app when faced with questions or problems, Helpshift has assisted the company in turning users into evangelists for its many apps.

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