Now more than ever, consumers need greater support when managing their cherished moments. Everalbum met that demand by creating a holistic app which combines the security of their private-by-default philosophy with the swiftness of Helpshift‘s mobile support SDK. Everalbum’s Community Manager Elizabeth de Luna spoke with us about how Helpshift’s in-app features help enable her customers — and fellow agents — to enjoy what a photo album should be.

Question: When did you decide to switch to Helpshift?

We’ve been enjoying Helpshift for almost 4 months now. Previously we were using Zendesk, but found the tool to be a bit clunky. What eventually swayed us was how Helpshift allowed us to chat directly with our users within minutes of them registering for Everalbum. Other support solutions don’t really provide in-app help. That’s too big an advantage to pass up considering our market.

Question: How easy was the transition to Helpshift?

Pretty good! Probably because Adam Mintz, Helpshift’s Head of Onboarding, was so helpful. He responded to our questions and helped us through the process. The interface is also easy to understand. You know how you usually have to click around a while to grasp new software? We didn’t have much of that with Helpshift.

Question: How have your users reacted to in-app customer care?

Everalbum takes privacy very seriously. Giving our users complete peace of mind that their photos are safe and private is our number one goal. I think providing in-app features has helped affirm that. We also forward all of our Everalbum emails to Helpshift, so we can address all user concerns using one, simple dashboard. In-app messaging is a more natural way to communicate. People are used to texting!

Question: Which Helpshift feature is most useful for Everalbum?

Inserting FAQs has been super helpful. It has been really awesome to just have the information right there! That feature helps keep consistent what I say to users and what our FAQ says. I also like that the support tickets are anonymous. If I can’t quite answer a question, I can hand it over to a team member without having to make introductions that confuse the user.

Question: Do you have any customer care stories or metrics to share?

The other day a customer wrote in asking to delete their account. I basically said “Before you delete, do you have any questions about the app that I can answer?” She sent me a list of seven questions! Without the FAQ insert, it would have been difficult to answer them all in that moment. In the end she decided to keep her Everalbum account open and continue using the app.

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