Brands in every industry and geography feel an urgency to meet the conversational needs of their customers. Executives walk the fiscal tightrope between exceptional customer experiences and operational efficiency. Today’s contact center, as the communications hub for customers, is caught in the middle of the battle. Customers value fast, frictionless convenience; executives must invest accordingly.

Join Opus Research Lead Analyst Dan Miller and Program Director Mitch Lieberman, with Abinash Tripathy, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder from Helpshift, as they address the urgent topics that help brands and enterprises supercharge customer service experiences, including:

* How digital messaging promotes operational excellence while meeting — and exceeding — customer needs
* Strategic steps necessary to support top-line growth and in-depth customer engagement
* How brands infuse intelligence, accuracy, and precision into company/customer conversations
* How to leverage investments and resources to build the next generation of customer service and support