“Initial investments in Helpshift’s bots and automation were small, but the payoff with them was tremendous. At this point, we’ve been able to automate nearly 55% of our issues across all apps with only 19 bots.”

-Cassandra Beasley, Customer Service Manager, Super Lucky Casino

Increased average overall CSAT score to 4.0
reduction in agent overhead
additional tickets resolved per week per game
daily active users

Super Lucky Casino is a game developer known for titles such as Word Collect, Hot Vegas Slots, and Trivia Star. When it expanded its portfolio to include games that appeal to a wider audience, it anticipated increased support demands due to scale. To address this, Super Lucky Casino turned to Helpshift’s automation capabilities to handle routine player issues. As a result, they increased their overall CSAT score to 4.0, improved agent utilization, and enhanced their operational efficiencies.

Super Lucky Casino is a mobile game developer founded in 2011. Based in San Francisco, California it is known for games such as Word Collect, Hot Vegas Slots, and Trivia Star. The company’s mission is to “build, distribute, and operate best-in-class mobile games to be enjoyed by fans around the world”. Today, the company has 24 games in the Google Play store, 6 games in the Apple App store, and over 1.3M daily active users around the world.

Appealing to a wider audience

Super Lucky Casino initially focused on casino games, but wanted to diversify its game portfolio with games that appealed to a broader audience (casual games). Soon thereafter, they officially released Word Collect. The game proved an overnight hit. Based on this initial success Super Lucky Casino set an ambitious goal to publish a game a month. However, with less than 10 agents on staff, they needed to find a way to scale their support operations to accommodate games with mass appeal.

To address increased scale and the customer service needed to support it, Super Lucky Casino turned to Helpshift to help them automate player issues. Prior to using Helpshift’s automation tools, an agent was touching every single ticket including tickets that were routine to resolve. For example, players often experienced issues around missing coins due to older devices or bad internet connections. When this happens, players including non-paying players, request to receive their missing coins. Many of these players are one-time requesters of small amounts, and while a basic limit was added on how many times players could collect automatic rewards, the vast majority of players never reached the limit. A small Coin pack left many players satisfied, had no impact on the game economy, and freed agents to investigate larger loss reports.

Addressing the common issues that come with scale

To address these common issue types and satisfy players, Super Luck Casino integrated Helpshift bots with their games. In the case of missing coin tickets, Super Lucky Casino used a Helpshift bot that automatically interacted with their Token API to resolve the issue without agent interaction required. “We are seeing an average of 80 issues resolved per week using bots with extremely minimal human intervention. On days where we’re seeing issue spikes, we’ve been able to resolve as many as 40 issues, more than what an agent resolves on an average day. This has allowed us to reduce agent overhead by 62% and have been able to shift to an overlapping schedule instead of 24/7 support which has been a huge time relief in terms of coordinating all of our agents,” said Cassandra Beasley, Customer Service Manager at Super Lucky Casino.

While Super Lucky Casino initially focused on just a few issues, over time they continued to invest in additional bots. Super Lucky Casino was able to easily identify and implement bots for many of their most common issues. The customer service team constantly evaluates operations making it fairly easy for them to identify where automation could be useful. “Initial investments in Helpshift’s bots and automation were small, but the payoff with them was tremendous. At this point, we’ve been able to automate nearly 55% of our issues across priority apps with only 19 bots,” said Beasley.

Reaping the rewards of automation

The team’s bigger initial concern was that players might not be happy with a bot handling their ticket. That was not to the case. “We were surprised by our players’ reaction to bots. We anticipated some amount of pushback, but players were more satisfied with the prompt reply and resolution to their issue with bots” said Beasley. “We were able to implement bots while maintaining high CSAT scores. Players who received coins through automatic awarding provide an average CSAT of 4.5 because of quick and appropriate responses to their issue.”

Freed from the challenges of scale, Super Lucky Casino was able to refocus their agents on key drivers for their business and improve other areas of support. “We’re constantly evaluating our processes to see where we can automate so that our agents can be freed up to provide better service to our VIP players,” said Beasley. “As a result of our automations, we’re now able to provide excellent care to our VIP players. Agents are now able to investigate their concerns, test their errors, and work with the QA team. In addition, they’re able to tackle other important projects like overhauling FAQs and investigating hackers which has helped to decrease agent burnout since they can work on other initiatives,” added Moncia Brewer, Customer Support Associate Manager at Super Lucky Casino.

By leveraging Helpshift’s automation capabilities, Super Lucky Casino automated common issues, increased player satisfaction, controlled costs, scaled more efficiently and freed agents to focus on VIP player issues. Going forward, Super Lucky Casino plans on building additional bots to further drive operational efficiencies while remaining focused on delivering a great player experience.