Scaling for Success: Grow Your Mobile Tribe And Build Loyalty (New Ebook!)

This year’s MORE Summit was chock-full of insightful and engaging learnings, and our Helpshift content team worked tirelessly to make sure we captured all the highlights. We do have full video recordings of the panels, talks, and breakout sessions available for viewing, and do hope you check them out.

We also realize that not everyone has the time to watch full-length recordings, and have dutifully extracted the most interesting and informative content from the sessions and compiled them into an easily digestible ebook—Scaling for Success: Grow Your Mobile Tribe and Build Loyalty. Here’s just a little bit of what you can expect.

  • 10 key takeaways on how to ‘scale for success’ with Scopely’s David Tamayo.
  • Why ‘not to follow the white rabbit’ when it comes to incorporating player feedback.
  • How to balance your customer needs with developer demands during live-ops.
  • How to optimize customer support in the retention vs. user acquisition game.

Please visit our new MORE Summit website to get access to all of this shiny, new content. We’ve really tried to break down the nuts and bolts for you, and cohesively show you how to use customer support to get ahead in today’s mobile world!

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