Helpshift iOS SDK v.4.11.1 + Android SDK v.3.9.0 Available Now!

Download & Release Notes here: iOS + Android

These latest Helpshift SDKs focus on in-app FAQ search improvements and a better overall in-app experience.

In-App Search Improvements

Smarter Search String Matching for FAQ Search

The FAQ search inside the app had previously been designed to produce results with exact and phonetic matches (ie: vilage for village). The new SDKs will now match on approximate content–such as misspelled words–to help further promote ticket deflection. Users will get relevant FAQs even if they did not search for the exact terms included in the FAQ.

Search terms will be highlighted:

The latest SDKs introduce the highlighting of matched search terms. This enhancement is designed to help increase credibility of your users’ search, and to promote opening the FAQ and reading from start to finish before submitting an Issue.

Ability to Add Keywords to FAQs:

While a well-written FAQ can help answer your users’ questions and promote enhanced ticket deflection, it still depends on your user entering the exact keywords or phrases included in your FAQ article.

For example, a user may enter ‘payment’ in their search and generate zero results since the term you’ve used is ‘billing’. In a gaming app your player may search for ‘town’ while you’ve referenced the term ‘village’. Your user may have been trying to self-serve and instead has to submit an issue, resulting in an increased contact rate and more issues for your support team to address.

Your Dashboard FAQ settings will soon allow your Admins to add keywords to the FAQs. This combined with the latest SDK will bring up exact search terms as well as any keywords which have been associated to the FAQ.

Please Note: The ability to add Keywords to FAQs will be made available in your Dashboard FAQ settings next week.

Better In-App Experience

Language Settings

While Helpshift offers a fully localized solution that renders your FAQs based on the language of your Users device, there are often times where your user may modify the language in their app settings to match that of their native language. This means that the FAQs should show based on the language settings set at the app level and not their device.

The new SDKs introduce an API to modify the device language based on the app language settings and not the language of the device. This ensures your end-users have a frictionless in-app experience.

Enable or Disable Agent Name in SDK Conversations

In order to protect the privacy of your support team, you can now disable the Agent name from being shown on an SDK conversation thread. This can be accessed under the Settings tab and individual App Settings in your Dashboard.

Download the iOS and Android SDKs today to get access to our latest enhancements.

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