Seamless Collaboration with Private Notes

Delivering delightful customer experiences is no easy task. At Helpshift, we’ve found that Support Teams love to collaborate while resolving customer problems. Collaboration comes in many forms and we’ve seen that Support Teams frequently use channels such as email and real-time chat (a la skype or gchat) to pass information to one another.

Today, we are releasing a new feature called Private Notes, which enables teams to seamlessly collaborate without leaving the Support Dashboard. These notes are only viewable by Agents and Admins in Helpshift and will not be seen by app users.

How it Works

While viewing an Issue in Helpshift, you will find a button that says “Add Private Note”.Helpshift Private Notes

Clicking this button will open an in-line editor which allows you to add a Private Note.Helpshift Private Notes

After you save a Private Note, it will be added in-line with the other messages. Notice that the note is highlighted in yellow to differentiate it from the messages between the agent and the app user. This way, you can be confident that you’re not accidentally replying to a customer.

Helpshift Private Notes

The Benefits

With Private Notes, Support teams now have an easy way to collaborate on customer tickets without leaving Helpshift. Agents can use Private Notes when they need to get quick feedback on how to handle an issue. They can also use Private Notes when passing issues off to other Agents. This is especially useful when Escalating tickets. As a Support Manager, you can give personalized feedback to your Agents by commenting on specific tickets. These are just a few use-cases that we’ve thought of. But we know that you’ll come up with many more. Please share in the comments below!

Get Started Today

Private Notes are available today for everyone to use. There’s no configuration needed. Simply open up Helpshift, navigate to an issue, and leave a Private Note.

Happy Supporting! 🙂

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Have any questions? Feel free to comment on this post or email us directly at .

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