Helpshift Secures $23M In Series B Funding!

Today we announced that Helpshift has secured $23M in Series B funding. This new round of funding is due to the faith that our team, customers and partners have placed in our mission to help businesses care for their customers everywhere – and I really mean everywhere.

Messaging is the most ubiquitous form of communication today. 250 billion messages are sent every day, eclipsing any other form of communication on mobile. When we launched Helpshift with the premise that mobile customers deserve a much better experience for customer support, we were told by many that the email experience was working. Today, companies like Uber are moving away from email-based support to in-app messaging, validating what we’ve always believed: mobile customer support should live on mobile.

This is a moment of pride for our team Helpshift. We are used by 1000s of the top app publishers around the world and our Mobile SDK is deployed on over 1.3 billion devices.

As the world rapidly moves to adopt this form of business-to-consumer communication (in-app) we are well positioned as the leader in this category. There is an exciting world ahead of us, a world in which customers can proactively receive help through predictive machine learning, customers can chat with intelligent bots to receive timely help, and data and mobile technology can make customer support agents real superheroes. This new round of funding enables us to take what we started to the next level – the world of autonomous customer support.

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