Helpshift Smart Views: Now with Multi-Select Functionality

Helpshift Smart Views are integral to any support team. You can use Smart Views to segment issues based on tags, assign them to certain Agents, and even use them to provide prioritized support to your most valued customers.

Today, we are making Smart Views even better. With our new multi-select feature, Agents and Admins can now create Smart Views with multiple options. This helps you reduce the total number of Smart Views, cleaning up your views so that your team can focus on resolving issues. You can now create a single Smart View to view iOS issues for multiple apps, view issues that have at least one tag from a list of tags, or view only issues that are awaiting a reply.

How it Works

Our new Smart View editor has shipped with a few key features:

    1. Users can select multiple options for platform, app, language, status, assignee

    2. Add a new “Has at least one of these tags” filter

    3. Separate In Progress status into the following statuses: “New Issue for Agent”, “Waiting for Agent”, “Agent Replied”

Best Practices

There are many ways that you can use Multi-Select to streamline your workflow. Here are a few examples:

1. Multiple Languages (Language) – if you speak more than one language, create a Smart View that combines all languages in one. For example, if you speak both English and Spanish, create a Smart View that shows all English and Spanish issues.

2. All Premium Users (App) – combine all of your premium or paid users into one view. With Multi-Select, you can create a Smart View that shows all of your premium users across all of your apps in one place.

3. Urgent Issues (Status) – create a Smart View with important issues that need to be replied to. You can easily select the urgent statuses (New Issue, New Issue for Agent, and Waiting for Agent) and view only those issues.

Get Started Today

Log in to Helpshift and try our new Smart View editor today! Clean up your Smart Views to streamline your workflow.

Have any questions? Feel free to comment or email us at [email protected].

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