INFOGRAPHIC: What Makes Smartphone Users Keep Your App?

User retention is the toughest–and most important–hurdle for your mobile app’s success. What traits do the best apps have in common?

Read the infographic to know:

    • The way users discover your app most often
    • What affects your app’s download (acquisition) rates
    • Why only certain apps have strong user retention


According to data from Google, your app is most likely to be discovered when a user talks to friends & family. That statistic illustrates the importance of inspiring app evangelists; half of your users exist because another user was delighted by the product and said something. Improving your app store optimization–so that you have a higher ranking in the app store–is another surefire discovery booster. Forbes writes that apps will improve evangelism and app store optimization by using modern customer care platforms.

80% of users consider Price to be the top factor in choosing to download. The majority of users want to try before they buy–it’s better to have monetization within the app itself after users have discovered the value. An app’s description, reviews, and ratings are (62%, 60%, and 60%) are all closely tied for second place. Statistically, focusing your efforts on better app store reviews will improve your acquisition more than a marketing ad campaign.

Apps are used daily because they make users lives easier. This further proves what the mobile industry already knew: making it easy for users to contact you will make it more likely that those users will return to your app. Having clear instructions works equally well–developers should empower their apps by researching the best ways to do both.

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