7 Reasons Consumers are Opting out of Social Media for Customer Service

When social media platforms were introduced, they opened up an entirely new way for people to be connected with one another around the world. Instinctively, businesses recognized the potential and began to develop their presence across these platforms, tapping into a new opportunity to bond with their customers, and generate new ones by promoting their goods and services.

The platform naturally became a channel for consumers to connect with the brands they use and seek customer service solutions. At the same time, more innovative options have become available providing in-app features to provide consumers with immediate solutions, creating a rift between companies that only offer social customer service.

Consumers Are Turning Away from Social Media Customer Service

According to a recent study by the BCG (Boston Consulting Group) and NICE (Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering), the social media buzz is beginning to fade and consumers are realizing that is not the most resolute platform for them to connect with their brands about customer service issues. The survey found that these are the top reasons why:

1.Takes too long to address issues. With consumers expecting immediate responses to questions or complaints, over a third expressed that social media took too long to address their concerns.

2. Limited functionality was also a challenge as consumers found that they could only do a few tasks at a time on the platforms.

3. Not feasible for complex tasks. 30 % said that if they had a specific or complicated issue, they are not able to express the details needed to solve the problem.

4. Having to transition to a representative means starting from scratch.

5. No privacy was a concern of over 24% of consumers using social media for solutions.

6. No options to click for call or chat. Social media does not offer the ability for businesses to provide direct links to chats or calls.

7. Low rate of reaching a successfull resolution. 24% of consumers are finding that their problems cannot be resolved utilizing social media.


What Do In-App Solutions Offer That Social Media Does Not?

As consumers are turning away from social media for customer service solutions, they are in search of more immediate, in-depth, and direct options. In-app features not only offer a more efficient way to provide solutions, but have the potential to generate a stronger relationship with consumers by providing a seamless and personalized journey. The features of Helpshift’s SDK provide:

  1. In-app FAQs that enable customers to promptly find answers to their questions without needing to contact support.
  2. In-app Messaging allowing them to send a message directly from within the app, receive a reply, and resolve their issue all without being forced to leave the app.
  3. Connection with an agent. Access to well-informed support agents that have the necessary tools to mitigate consumer tensions and provide redirection to a custom-designed path.

Social Media Still Serves Its Purpose

Social media does serve a vital purpose for businesses to strengthen their brand and connect with customers. But by utilizing in-app features, businesses can turn the consumer’s focus to a variety of ways to solve problems immediately, without having to seek help outside the interface. Social media will continue to shape the customer experience, but let it be the platform your consumers use to boast about your brand rather than simply vent frustrations.

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