Spot the Bot Goes to Dreamforce 2019

This year, we were excited to debut our new mascot, Spot the Bot, at Dreamforce 2019. If you were there, you might have seen Spot riding in our branded tuk-tuks, handing out free Beard Papa’s cream puffs to conference-goers, and keeping the party going with the rest of the Helpshift team! 

Dreamforce this year was a blast for the whole team, and the addition of Spot added to the fun, not only for Helpshifters but also for the thousands of Dreamforce attendees we engaged with during the event. As a fun way to recap and share pictures of our time at Dreamforce this year, here’s a story featuring none other than our illustrious mascot, Spot the Bot. Enjoy!

There was once a chatbot named Spot the bot…

Spot isn’t like any regular chatbot, though. They can transform your customer support experience through messaging, automation and AI so customers never have to wait on hold.

They’re pretty excited about it… 

But while Spot knew that they could completely transform customer support, they weren’t sure how to let people know and share their talent with the world. But then they heard about Dreamforce and knew that they had to get there!

But how…?

Fortunately, Spot’s friends at Helpshift had a plan to get them to Dreamforce! Riding in style in a tuk-tuk! Spot wanted to drive, but they’re better at deflecting support tickets by providing knowledgebase articles than dodging traffic.

Well, that’s ok! Spot doesn’t mind riding in the backseat, and they had friends from Helpshift to keep them company along the way!

They even made some new friends too!

After a long journey, Spot finally made it to Dreamforce!

Now they needed to find a way to share everything they could do to make life better for customers and customer support agents. Fortunately, Spot’s friends at Helpshift had a plan!

They used the tuk-tuks to offer rides and deliver treats to all the great people attending Dreamforce. Spot thought it was a fantastic idea! Together they gave tons of rides and handed out hundreds of bottles of juice and cold-brew coffee!

Spot met lots of people, even a baker who makes delicious cream puffs. Spot had a great idea, “What if I give a tasty cream puff to anyone who’ll let me tell them what I can do!” Their friends at Helpshift thought it was a great idea too. They offered to help hand them out and even created a postcard and chatbot so people could get one delivered. They ended up giving out a thousand yummy cream puffs!

But some people wanted to hear even more about what Spot could do. Thankfully, the people at the Contemporary Jewish Museum had some extra space and were happy to let Spot talk to people there about how they can modernize their customer support experience!

Spot got to speak to a few people who were very interested! Spot was thrilled!

After a long three days, Spot’s friends at Helpshift invited them back to headquarters for some much needed R&R. But not much time to rest… Spot is already planning for next year!

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Dreamforce a huge success!

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