Start 2018 with Your Best #CustServ Yet

Every year, consumer expectations rise and technology becomes more advanced. At the same time, it becomes tougher for customer service teams to keep up with this increasingly demanding landscape. Customer support and success departments need the right people, technology, and strategy in place in order to excel as a team, and also to help retain customers and build loyalty for the company as a whole.

We at Helpshift consider ourselves to be not just a platform, but an integral partner in customer service excellence. That’s why we’ve put together a webinar that will give customer support managers all the tools they need to empower their teams to be successful this year.

Our research-intensive but thoroughly engaging webinar will equip customer support and success teams with insights into:

  • Finding and retaining top #CustServ talent
  • Teaching agents how to take control of the customer conversation
  • Utilizing new technology to make the support process more efficient
  • Quick wins and “cheat sheets” for creating an engaging workplace and happier customers

All the Tools You Need to Help Your Support Team Succeed

Cheers to #CustServ success in 2018!

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