Stop Kicking the Can and Get Started with Messaging-Based Customer Service

Summer is in full swing — and that means your team members (and customers) are more likely on vacation, and day-to-day business is a little slower.

That’s why now is the perfect time to do your homework on switching to digital messaging-based customer service. Getting started with messaging does require some effort, but the transition from traditional customer service channels like phone calls or email support to modern communication channels like messaging shouldn’t be daunting.

It’s a big switch, but if brands plan accordingly in terms of choosing the right platform and getting the right processes in place ahead of time, getting started should be fairly simple and straightforward. Messaging is the channel that consumers prefer (they use it everyday for communicating with friends, co-workers — and now brands); and frankly, it’s just a lot cheaper.

Agents can handle multiple conversations at a time, messaging conversations can better leverage technology like AI and bots for greater efficiency, and the interface allows for overall better customer satisfaction from a convenience perspective.

Brands just need to make the commitment to having better customer service, and digital messaging makes this goal achievable — and Helpshift makes getting started with messaging extremely accessible.

As outlined in this infographic, you can get started with messaging through these six primary steps:

  1. Identifying clear business objectives
  2. Properly grouping and training agents
  3. Setting up a thoughtful knowledge base
  4. Preparing workflows and automations in advance
  5. Rolling out messaging to small subset of customers
  6. Monitoring results and expanding accordingly

In-depth explanations of these steps are available in Helpshift’s guide to “Getting Started with Messaging.

By following these steps, Helpshift customers have been able to get up and running with messaging-based customer service in just a few weeks without any external consultants or development resources required.

If you’re considering making the switch and want to speak to a specialist, please contact the Helpshift team today!

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