Supervisor Role: Improve your Team Management

Introducing the Helpshift Supervisor Role

As you may have seen last week, Helpshift announced a feature called Supervisors. This great new feature allows larger teams to simplify permission based role settings and effectively manage specialized groups. This is all achieved without the need to involve admins or alter existing Agent permissions.


‘Supervisors’ are best suited for teams with more than a few groups of Agents handling specialized cases (e.g., payments, trust and safety, or account issues). With Supervisors enabled, you’ll be able to have as many Supervisors as you’ll need, but will want to restrict this permission level to group leads and lower level managers.

For instance, you likely have team leaders that handle escalated issues and manage other internal team matters. Now, giving these agents the ‘Supervisor’ permissions level allow these team leads to:

  • Manage one or more groups within your team.
  • Add Agents to groups.
  • Create new groups.
  • Track that group’s Shared Smart Views with greater visibility.

Some common scenarios in which ‘Supervisors’ will be very useful:

  1. Agents change groups or specializations and adjustment of group membership is necessary.
  2. Training managers need to add new Agents into their assigned groups.


Email [email protected] to enable Supervisors. We’ll be expanding on the Supervisor role in future releases to give you even more tools to efficiently manage your team.

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