The Modern In-App Support Journey

Today’s consumers aren’t just mobile, they’re in-app. Driven by a richer user experience, personalization and convenience, in-app is now the gold standard for creating “wow” moments. So when app users need help, they rightfully expect it to be in-app too.

This 1-hour webinar introduces Helpshift’s Modern In-App Support Journey. We’ll demonstrate how the four key features listed below work together to create a support experience second to none.

[BLOG] Optimizing User Experience with In-App Feedback Bots

To understand the importance of feedback bots, let’s briefly think about the modern customer support journey for mobile app users. Organized correctly, the journey efficiently takes an app user from their initial ticket inquiry to final resolution by offering a combination of personalized assistance and self-help solutions.

[BLOG] Why Intent Is the Future of In-App Customer Support Automation

Learn why exceptional mobile customer support must happen in your mobile app, why your customer support journey must prioritize customer intent, and how automation can help you provide always-on customer service at infinite scale.

[BLOG] The Marriage Between Modern SDKs and In-App Customer Service

Are you struggling to keep your customers in-app at their most vulnerable moments? Modern mobile customer service starts and ends with the user — how you prioritize their time, how you deliver an unbeatable experience, and how you improve overall resolution efficiency so they can continue being loyal users.

[BLOG] 5 Foundational Features of Mobile In-App Knowledge Base

To understand the current landscape of the knowledge base, we first have to remember where we came from. ​​Early on in computing, knowledge was considered part of the app — meaning, whenever you installed an application, you also installed a database of knowledge to reference for troubleshooting. But not anymore…

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