Everyone Hates Email Spam. What We Are Doing About It.

Death, taxes…email spam? Research indicates that the latter is indeed another certainty.

Email spam is a huge disruptor for contact centers. In fact 50% of all emails sent are spam related. In the mobile world in which we live, consumers expect frictionless and quick interactions in their time of need. When agents are bogged down by filtering through layers of unsolicited content, it’s the customers who suffer the most, because it’s the customers who are made to wait.

Spammers can change email addresses, so blocking an address or domain doesn’t always stop them from getting through to your dashboard.

Our Solution: Automatic Tagging for Spam

Our engineers have been working hard to deliver a feature that allows you to configure automatic tagging of potential spam issues (beta). This enables your support team to filter out spam and continue focusing on legitimate issues.

The Result: Cut Through the Noise

By automating your spam tagging, you are giving your customers the best possible experience by offering them the quickest response. Also, your agents are able to work efficiently.

Every second counts. Let’s get started.


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