Tailored mobile integration – for your unique app

Today there are approximately 800,000 apps available in the App Store and they’re all unique. So why should you settle for a customer support solution that doesn’t match rest of your app? Here are some new features that we’ve developed that will enable you to seamlessly weave help into your app, ensuring a tailored user experience for your customers.

Support and help that matches your app

Deep Skinning allows you to customize the look-and-feel of your support feature; you can choose from numerous fonts, colors, and background configurations to ensure your help feature looks like the rest of your app.

Customized in app support

Customized In-App Support

» Learn more about customizing the look of customer support on your app by following our developer notes.

Provide your users with contextual help

Nip issues in the bud – strategically place the appropriate support feature in the most logical position in your app for users to access.

Reduce customer questions and improve your customers user experience by providing them with the most efficient way of finding relevant information where and when they need it most.

» Learn more about contextual help by following our developer notes.

Eliminate language barriers

If you’re targeting a global audience, then we’ve got you covered with multilingual support for over 40 languages. Our libraries automatically detect and serve localized content so your users aren’t stuck when they need you the most – when they’re looking for help!

Any questions about the features? Ask in the comments below.

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