The Real Problem With United Airlines: Latest Insights from Our CEO

Today on LinkedIn, Helpshift CEO Abinash Tripathy published a thought-provoking piece that details the pitfalls of United Airlines, the necessary evil of customer prioritization, and the surprising way that ‘robots’ are already taking over within the company’s ranks:

United Airlines messed up, there’s no doubt about that. But the issue with United Airlines is not that its employees physically abuse customers. This most recent viral incident involved a Chicago airport security officer dragging a passenger off the flight, not any UA employees. But people are boycotting United Airlines, not airport security, and it’s no surprise why.

Let’s face it, we were all excited to pounce on and express outrage at an airline that has notoriously bad service, and then use this as a soapbox for equality and class warfare. But that’s not the underlying issue…

The full post can be found on LinkedIn Pulse.

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