It’s Time To Evaluate Your Customer Service Strategy

The gold standard of customer service is a moving target. The bar to meet consumer expectations is always being raised, and the technology to keep up with those expectations is constantly evolving. This is in part due to a change in the preferred channel of communication coupled with the growing demand for personalization that is always upping the ante.

At the same time, customer service is being increasingly viewed as a competitive brand differentiator.

This is why it is so important that brands are consistently able to prioritize and iterate upon their customer service strategy—it’s no longer just about how they can keep up with the market, but how they can get ahead.

Assessing Your Current Strategy is a Great Place to Start

Helpshift’s new self-evaluation: “How Sophisticated is Your Customer Service Strategy?” is a simple 4 question assessment that will help customer support leaders understand where they are excelling, where they can improve, and how to best help their teams win the customer service game. More specifically, you will be able to:

  • Identify areas where AI and automation can improve operational efficiency
  • Analyze whether or not customer-facing bots and automations would have tangible ROI
  • Optimize self-service and messaging channels for a growing consumer base

Consider Continuing Your Customer Service Education

at RESOLVE 18, just one week away!

On March 21, Helpshift will be hosting customer service innovators at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco for a conference that will focus entirely on the future of customer service.

The conference will feature panel discussions about optimizing support operations through new technologies and maximizing customer satisfaction in the process. Helpshift CEO Linda Crawford will also be unveiling a new platform-wide set of AI-powered capabilities at the event. Space is limited, so request your seat now!

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