Whether its having to research which of your Agents may have incorrectly tagged or assigned you Issues, we know how important it is to have complete visibility into your tickets. With Helpshift’s new “Show Activity” button you will receive a complete audit log on all actions performed to your Issues.

The “Show Activity” button will allow you to track the various actions made to an Issue including which of your Agents: applied or removed Tags, re-assigned Issues, inserted FAQs, Replied, added Notes, and Resolved or Rejected the conversation. These will be organized in the Issue Detail page with timestamps as the actions are applied.

How to Track the Activity of an Issue:

1. On the Issue Detail page click on the “Show Activity” button
Helpshift Audit Logs

2. The logs of all activities performed to the Issue will now appear in between the conversation text

Helpshift Audit Logs


The Activity Log allows you to easily track an Issue and helps provide you and your Agents with the right insight on any updates made to your support tickets.

The ability to see the activity performed on the Issue Detail page is the first of other Audit Logs to come. In future releases you will have the ability to view audit logs on activities performed to Automations and Bulk Actions.

Published August 27, 2014
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