New Helpshift SDKs: Issue ID # Visibility, Integration Logger, and more!

Native SDK Improvements

We recently released iOS v5.10.1 and Android version v9.4.1. These new SDKs come with the following updates:

  • Improvements to network efficiency for image attachment uploading
  • Improvements to voiceover support
  • Increased functionality for you to set screen orientation settings on Android
  • Additional bug and UI fixes
  • Added support for end users attaching gifs to their messages

Highlights and Key Features

With support managers in mind, we’ve made some changes to improve the end user experience when interacting with your support team via Helpshift. All of our latest updates focus on providing relevant information for you and your users to communicate quickly and efficiently on Issues.

Our new option to hide preview text within push notifications can be used to obscure the end users’ personal information when they reach out to support. You can also use this to promote your branding by adding custom preview text that users see when communicating with your support team.


The Issue ID number, normally only visible on the Issue details page for Agents, is now available for your end users to see on an Issue as well. This is useful for following up on Issues when users reach out to your organization via social media. You also have the option to hide the information screen and Issue ID from your end users.


For more information about this update, please see our new FAQ How can my end users find their Issue ID #? You may also direct your developer to review our developer documentation on this update for iOS, Android, Cocos2d-x and Xamarin.

Our newly added Integration logger allows your developers to debug the SDK during integration. We encourage our customers to enable logging in order to debug problems that may emerge during the integration process. The logger can provide insight into the root cause of any errors you encounter, enabling you to quickly resolve the issue.

Please see our latest developer documentation on enableLogging to get started with the Integration logger:

We also released an upgraded User ID API which includes our ‘Target by User ID’ feature for Campaigns. With no additional developer work, you can send a push or in-app message to a select group of users easily from the Dashboard. Learn how to get started in our recent blog post, Upgrade to Our Latest User ID API.


Plugin Improvements

All of the updates listed above are also available in our latest plugins. Take a look at the release notes for our latest versions below:

We understand that many of our Unity customers encounter issues with reducing their total method count on Android. To offer additional support, we’ve added a new troubleshooting guide with additional resources to help you reduce the count further.

Updated Support for iOS 8

Through 2017, Helpshift will provide limited support for iOS 8. This means we will continue to investigate any and all bugs reported to [email protected], but we cannot guarantee a fix for every iOS 8 compatibility issue. For more information, please see our FAQ Does Helpshift Support iOS 8?

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