MBA in customer service automation

Last week’s webinar week was a huge success! Customer support leaders from across the company came together with guest speakers to deliver an informative and engaging webinar series that our audiences found incredibly engaging. 

While we were thrilled at the number of people who showed up, we know that attending a webinar can be a big time commitment for busy professionals. For that reason, here are key takeaways from each day of webinar week, along with links to on-demand recordings so that you can watch them at your leisure and share with your colleagues. 

Day 1: Customer Service Automation: Past & Present

Our founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Abinash Tripathy, joined chat bot guru Chad Oda to discuss the past and present of customer service automation. They talked about key challenges that businesses face with customer service automation today, and dispelled the hype around chatbots to give you a sense of what’s real and what’s not when it comes to chatbots. They also outlined their view of how chatbot technology will continue to advance over the next few decades. 

Watch on demand here

Day 2: Get Started with Automation…Fast

There’s a lot of confusion out there about how different types of automation can work together to deliver a superior customer experience. In this session, our Director of Product, Erik Ashby, walks you through the essentials of chatbots and AI so you can understand their full potential. He also dispels the common misconception that implementing automation is a long and tedious process. It doesn’t have to be, and he proves it.

Watch on demand here

Day 3: Foundations for an Automated Customer Service Future

Now for the practical stuff! In this session, our customer success team takes you through the first steps you need to take to build the foundations for automation within your customer service organization. There’s lots of very helpful information in this session, so you’ll want to be sure to take notes!

Watch on demand here

Day 4: The 60-Day Plan to Automated Customer Service

With the foundations set, our customer success team now walks you through exactly what you need to do to build out automation in your customer service organization. They teach you best practices so that you can automate 50% of your ticket volume… in just 60 days!

Watch on demand here

Day 5: New Measures and Roles in an Automated World

On the final day of webinar week, Director of Product, Erik Ashby returns with guest presenter Ian Jacobs from Forrester to give you data-informed insights into where customer service automation is now and where it’s heading. They discussed what’s on the horizon for agents and bots over the next 3-5 years and how brands can prepare for these changes.

Watch on demand here

Published October 29, 2019
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