We’re Bringing the Best “Service X” to Forrester CX NYC 2018!

A vital component of a great overall customer experience is an intuitive and conversational customer service experience.

That’s because customers will inevitably have issues with a product or service from time to time, and if they have a negative customer service experience trying to resolve it — it can easily compound and negate any previous, positive interaction with the brand.

In order to preserve that suberb CX that brands are already investing in, these brands need to support their customers in their moment of need with a seamless, conversational interface. In fact, this conversational style of support should be so embedded within the brand experience that it is almost indistinguishable from other brand touch points. A good way to achieve this is by providing a threaded, iMessage like experience — and that’s exactly what Helpshift will be showcasing next month at Forrester CX NYC.

From June 18-20, the Helpshift team will be in the big apple to present and discuss the future of fully conversational customer service. We’ll be hosting a breakfast featuring Shuvankar Roy, VP of Comcast Xfinity Home, and Helpshift Founder Abinash Tripathy. The breakfast will be on June 20th at 7:30am and will focus on the following:

Abinash and Shuvankar will share insights into how their companies are using artificial intelligence and automation to improve the modern customer experience. Abinash will discuss the latest strategies & capabilities required for brands to deliver the best customer experiences in today’s digital world, and Shuvankar will discuss the evolution of customer service within Xfinity Home, the total home solution and home automation solution from Comcast, which has transformed its Digital Customer Experience. Attendees will come away with:

  • AI-powered automation tactics that will improve workflows and operations
  • Concrete benefits to improve customer tenure
  • Measurable positive business outcomes in how AI has helped to reduce customer service calls

If you’ll be in the tri-state area that week and want to learn more about Helpshift — schedule a meeting with the team here.

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