Why Mobile is Critical to Enterprise Success in 2017

Today 2.6 billion of us have deep, personal relationships with our mobile devices. According to a recent study, that number is expected to grow dramatically due to new subscribers in developing countries. By 2020, an estimated 6.1 billion people―70% of the world’s population―will use smartphones.

It’s the mobile apps themselves that have changed our lifestyles, accounting for nearly 60% of the time Americans spend online.


Source: Comscore

In a mobile-first world, consumers rely on their smartphones to research products, make purchases and consume content. Today, being mobile first means being customer first. The benefits are numerous. And if your enterprise hasn’t done so already, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

The Universal Remote Control of our Lives

Like a number of technology use cases, the use of mobile apps is being driven by consumers.

We’re used to avoiding the stress of hailing or waiting for a taxi by summoning an Uber or Lyft. We order takeout meals or fresh ingredients and have them delivered via Grubhub or Gobble. We discover new music on Spotify and Shazam. We use mobile apps on our smartphones to be entertained, educated, interviewed, awakened, timed, tested, tracked, and recorded. As for shopping, the world’s products are at our fingertips. Rarely do we use the smartphone for its original purpose, as a telephone.

A recent study conducted by Google on Millennial Travelers revealed that:

  • 41% used a phone to shop for flights
  • 27% used a phone to shop for hotels
  • 66% believe they can find the same information on mobile as they can on desktop

Mobile apps have raised the bar for speed, simplicity and fun. Our smartphones have become like universal remote controls or electronic Swiss Army knives with a myriad of apps for our daily use. So why should we settle for anything less than a fast, simple, and fun experience with enterprise business apps?

We shouldn’t. Case in point: customer service.

Tushar Makhija, Helpshift’s VP of Business Development recently delivered a stellar message on the power of mobile and in-app customer service at the 2016 Dreamforce. In this short, entertaining address – Tushar walks us through the new normal, and why you cannot afford to be left behind.

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