Discover Why the Top Games and Apps Choose Helpshift

Advanced AI Support Platform to Drive Efficiency, Reduce Costs, and Delight Customers.

Slash Resolution Times

Watch customer satisfaction soar with rapid, accurate responses.

Boost Agent Productivity

AI-powered tools help agents focus on complex, high-value interactions.

Seamless Multichannel Experiences

Connect with customers flawlessly across all touchpoints.

Scale with Ease

Effortlessly manage growing volumes without compromising on quality.


Achieve significant savings on operational costs through AI and Automation.

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Customer Service Challenges

Long wait times

Do you experience long wait times due to a lack of or inadequate automation, resulting in decreased satisfaction and increased churn?

Increased Agent Workload

Are your agents overwhelmed by a high volume of support tickets, repetitive simple questions, and lack of context?

Cross-Platform Support Fragmentation

Have you faced challenges with disjoined support across different platforms, such as email, chat, Discord, and social media, resulting in a fragmented and frustrating customer experience?

Multilingual Challenges

Is the lack of multilingual support causing your company to spend more on multilingual staff, use unreliable translation tools, or only provide English responses, impacting customer satisfaction?

Why choose Helpshift for your customer support needs

Choosing Helpshift means investing in a comprehensive, efficient, and customer-focused support solution that can significantly enhance customer service operations and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Highest Automation

Benefit from over 70% automation and up to 90% deflection rates, enhancing support efficiency and enabling agents to focus on complex issues that require a human touch

Highest Automation
Best Customer Experience

Best Customer Experience

Helpshift’s platform offers a modern support journey, providing optimized customer support for in-app interactions across various platforms.

Cost Effective

Scalable pricing model that lowers ticket costs as volume grows, providing a more cost-effective alternative than competitors’ complex fee structures.

Cost Effective
Recognized for Superior Service

Recognized for Superior Service

Helpshift is dedicated to ensuring a seamless implementation and platform experience.

Vlad Oboronko

“We found a true partner, not just a software provider. Their level of engagement surpasses any other company I’ve collaborated with in the past. Their roadmap of new features is remarkable and enables us to keep up with the rapid pace of technology. Helpshift’s all-in-one solution spared us from the complexities of managing multiple vendors. Overall, they exceeded our expectations with their industry understanding and cutting-edge technology.”

Vlad Oboronko,

Player Support Lead, SYBO

Leading global brands choose Helpshift

We deliver measurable improvements in operational efficiency, cost savings, customer satisfaction, and automation rates for our customers.

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Huuuge Games
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Before Helpshift

Your customer support suffers from fragmented communication channels, high operational costs, overwhelmed agents, and dissatisfied customers.

High agent turnover due to stress and overload

Inconsistent customer service across different platforms

Lengthy response times leading to customer dissatisfaction

After Helpshift

Experience a seamless, efficient, and responsive customer service ecosystem optimized for cost and quality.

Reduction in agent workload and improved job satisfaction

Unified and consistent customer experiences across all platforms

Faster query resolutions boost customer satisfaction and retention

Experience the Complete End-to-End AI Customer Service Platform

AI Agent

24/7 automated, accurate responses using Generative AI

AI-Enhanced Agent Workspace

Boost agent efficiency with a unified workspace

Help Centre

Smart knowledge base for better self-serve

Trained Proprietary Intent AI

Intelligent issue classification & routing

Live and Async Messaging

Engage instantly, resolve issues faster, and provide personalized support.

Language AI

Built-in multilingual capabilities for Bot, FAQs, and Agent Translations

Omni-Channel and Cross-Platform

for complete support coverage

AI Enhanced Agent Workspace
Omni-Channel and Cross-Platform

Discover why leading brands love Helpshift

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High Performer Asia Pacific
Sebastian Brant

Implementing AI and automation has liberated our agents, removing the repetitive tasks and enabling them to engage in more strategic and meaningful interactions with our VIP players, resulting in improved metrics such as reduced TTFR, enhancing CSAT, retention, and revenue growth. It allowed us to transform support operations from a cost center into a profit driver. We’ve found the sweet spot between full automation, partial automation, and a white-glove approach for top players. Integrating Keywords Studios’ trained and expert agents, proficient in Helpshift technology, has seamlessly augmented our internal team and allowed us to increase CSAT tremendously on a global scale.

Sebastian Brant,

Director of Player Services, Huuuge

Accelerate Resolution Times and Increase Customer Loyalty

With Helpshift’s AI-powered support platform, deliver instant, accurate assistance to your customers. Minimize wait times, reduce ticket backlogs, and turn every support interaction into an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and loyalty.

Join top global brands enhancing their customer support with Helpshift.

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