Boost Agent Efficiency with
a Unified Workspace

Discover the ultimate workspace where everything connects — from bots and tickets to the help center. Designed for efficiency, our centralized agent workspace streamlines your support operations, enabling seamless management and interaction within one powerful platform.

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AI-Enhanced Workspace

Where Advanced AI Complements Human Expertise

Manage all customer interactions efficiently with our consolidated dashboard. Our AI-enhanced workspace is designed to elevate every interaction, ensuring agents are equipped to provide more impactful, empathetic customer service.

Real-Time Translation

Enable agents to communicate in any supported language without hiring additional language-specific staff.

Sentiment Analysis

Quickly gauge customer emotions to tailor empathetic responses.

Enhanced Engagement

Use AI insights for faster resolutions and increased customer satisfaction.

Enhance Collaboration and Improve Customer Conversations


Enhance Collaboration and Improve Customer Conversations

Leverage Helpshift’s integrated Messaging capability for dynamic live and asynchronous interactions with customers, facilitating context-rich conversations and smooth collaboration among agents for exceptional support delivery.

Live & Async

Offer flexible, real-time or delayed communication to match customer preferences and availability.


Work together seamlessly with other agents to resolve customer issues efficiently and effectively.

Ticket Management

Prioritize and Manage Tickets Effectively

Our advanced ticket management system simplifies case handling, allowing agents to focus on what they do best — solving customer issues. With features like auto assignment, routing and prioritization, agents can manage their workload more effectively, reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Prioritize and Manage Tickets Effectively

Unified dashboard

Seamlessly manage tickets across email, messaging, and social media channels from a single dashboard

Smart Views

Customize agent dashboards with filters for a focused overview of tickets requiring immediate attention.

Flexible Queues

Tailor special queues to manage and prioritize tickets based on urgency, topic, or customer value.

Language AI

Enhance Communication with Multilingual Support

Break down language barriers and provide seamless customer support with our Agent Workspace’s built-in machine translation feature. Communicate effortlessly with customers from around the world, ensuring a smooth and efficient support experience.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand Your Customers Beyond Words

Uncover the emotional tone of customer conversations with our Sentiment Analysis feature. Easily prioritize urgent tickets and adjust your responses to resonate with customer emotions, ensuring an empathetic and personalized service experience.

Tailored Empathy

Adapt responses to match identified sentiments, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Swift Prioritization

Quickly address negative sentiments to streamline resolutions.

Sentiment Trends

Monitor sentiment trends to gauge the impact of agent interactions on customer satisfaction.

Enhance Communication with Multilingual Support
Understand Your Customers Beyond Words

Queue Management

Enhance Team Flexibility and Efficiency

Our sophisticated queue management system empowers your support team with the flexibility and efficiency needed to excel. Designed to simplify the support process, it enhances both agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Smart Auto-Assignment

Leverage automations for intelligent issue distribution to groups, incorporating backlog management for streamlined support operations.

Protected Queues

Leverage automations for intelligent issue distribution to groups, incorporating backlog management for streamlined support operations.

Real-Time Operations Monitoring

Enables live monitoring of queue and team performance, allowing for immediate resource reallocation and coverage adjustments to maintain optimal support flow.

Advanced Analytics

Gain insights into support operations with Advanced Analytics. Get a comprehensive dashboard of essential KPIs for an overview of support activities. Evaluate self-help effectiveness and agent performance with case and system metrics. Seamless integration with external tools enhances data analysis capabilities.

Real-Time Dashboard

Get immediate visibility into queue activities, team dynamics, and agent metrics. Proactively manage resources and ensure consistent performance with features like queue monitoring and activity tracking.

Seamless Integration

Enhance your analytical capabilities with API integrations, connecting seamlessly with external tools for expanded data analysis.

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Human Support Agents

Augment Your Customer Support with Our Expert Agents

Our professional customer support agents are available 24/7 to provide world-class assistance, designed specifically for businesses that want to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Augment Your Customer Support with Our Expert Agents

Unparalleled Global Coverage

Delivering personalized and respectful support in over 150 languages across all time zones.

Always-on Availability

Guarantee uninterrupted service with our dedicated team available 24/7, all year round.

Seamless Brand Integration

Our agents resonate your brand voice, offering an authentic and consistent experience to your customers.

Scalability that Matches Your Growth

Expand and adapt customer support in tandem with your business needs and aspirations.

Happy Customers

Hear what our customers have to say about us

Payment Shield

[Our agents] are absolutely loving it. It’s been a great way to engage differently with customers and handle 2 or 3 calls at a time … Helpshift has allowed us to maximize self-serve capability for customers which is something we haven’t been able to realize via telephony and email communication channels.

Liz Martin

Customer Advocacy Manager, Paymentshield


The integration of Helpshift SDK improved support agents’ efficiency, leading to time savings and increased productivity. With an 80% boost in agent productivity, Helpshift allowed agents to resolve 9 issues per hour compared to Zendesk’s 5. The average number of sent replies per hour also increased from 8 on Zendesk to 11 on Helpshift. Overall, this indicates a significant efficiency increase, enabling agents to assist more players concurrently with the same workforce.

Vlad Oboronko

Player Support Lead at SYBO

Social Quantum

With the Modern Support Journey, gamers can get back to playing the game faster and agents can handle a larger volume of support tickets.

Korzhevsky Gennadiy

Head of Player Support at Social Quantum

Unlock Efficiency with Agent Workspace

Streamline your support operations and empower your agents with Helpshift’s intuitive Agent Workspace. Increase productivity and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Unlock Efficiency with Agent Workspace