Intelligent Messaging: Your AI-Driven Omnichannel Assistant

Elevate every chat, from AI-guided customer conversations to enriched agent interactions.

Intelligent Messaging

Live Chat

Enhance Customer Experience with Real-Time Conversations

Efficiently assist your customers with our live chat feature. Instantly connect with them, resolve issues, and provide personalized support. No more frustrating delays or missed opportunities. With our live chat, your support agents will be able to effortlessly engage customers and offer unparalleled assistance.

Instant Support

Engage with customers in real-time, offering immediate assistance and resolving issues efficiently.


Deliver tailored support and guidance to each customer, creating a personalized and satisfying experience.


Shatter Your Support Silos : Engage Customers Anywhere, Everywhere.

Break down communication barriers with omnipresent messaging. Connect with customers on their preferred social apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord) and seamlessly transition to support within your website, mobile app, tablet, PC, console, or even VR experience.

One Platform, Unlimited Reach

Manage all conversations, regardless of channel or device, from a single unified platform. Say goodbye to scattered messages and frustrated agents.

Social Savvy

Be present on popular social media platforms, building trust and providing instant support where customers already spend their time.

Device Agnostic

Deliver consistent, high-quality service across all devices, eliminating user-experience headaches and catering to diverse preferences.

Shatter Your Support Silos Engage Customers Anywhere, Everywhere

AI Chatbot

Powerful AI Assistance for Instant Resolution

Our AI chatbot serves as your round-the-clock support agent. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, it can handle routine inquiries, provide instant responses, and continuously improve its understanding of customer queries. By leveraging the capabilities of our AI chatbot, you can reduce the workload of your support agents and ensure swift issue resolution.

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Key Features

Live and Async Messaging
Live and Async Messaging

Engage instantly, resolve issues faster, and provide personalized support.

Social Messaging
Social Messaging

Meet customers on WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord, and more – be where they are.

AI Chatbot
AI Chatbot

24/7 automated responses for common questions, freeing agents for complex issues.

Seamless Collaboration
Seamless Collaboration

Built-in internal chat allows agents to share information, ask questions, and collaborate seamlessly within the platform

Unified Platform
Unified Platform

Manage all messaging channels and conversations from one central location.

Actionable Insights
Actionable Insights

Gain valuable insights to optimize your support strategy.

Satisfied Customers

Hear what our customers have to say about us


Requiring players to exit your game to submit a request via email adversely affects player retention. Our team knew that the email support provided by our previous help desk system didn’t give us the results we were looking for. Our player satisfaction and the Time to First Reply left much to be desired, and our Player Support Team knew we had to look at these metrics from another perspective and change the status quo. Helpshift, with its advanced AI, bots, automation capabilities out of the box and its gaming expertise, caught my attention and appeared to be the best solution for us.

Vlad Oboronko

Player Support Lead at SYBO

Red Planet

The chat feature on our app helps us interact with our guests more quickly and it’s an easy way for guests to contact us. Furthermore, the chat feature also enables guests to send us pictures and documents, which you obviously cannot do with phone calls.

Pawinee Poonyopakorn

Digital Marketing Director

Social Quantum

Gennadiy wanted the company to move away from email responses and more towards a total in-app experience for the user. Compared to Zendesk, they did not have the in-app SDK or features that reflected the changes needed for the company. Helpshift proved to have features that were more advanced and in-app which aligned with the support Gennadiy wanted the users to experience. Agents now handle 89% of issues via in-app messaging and only 3% via email.

Korzhevsky Gennadiy

Head of Player Support at Social Quantum


We saw a real opportunity with Helpshift. First of all, it delivered a fully-native experience with in-app messaging. Players don’t want to leave the app to send an email and calling into a call center would be unthinkable. Helpshift delivered a fully integrated experience that delighted our players.

Nataly Kuzmina

Head of Support at Playrix

In-app messaging keeps people in the game experience, reduces friction and helps our players get help faster. It’s been great to have a single conversational flow on the player side. Our players enjoy a friction-free experience and get back to playing faster. We’ve raised our CSAT to 4.02 using Helpshift

Matt Knapman

Head of Customer Support at Hutch Games

Discover the power of Messaging

With our unified messaging platform, powered by AI and live chat, you can deliver exceptional support everywhere your customers are.

Discover the power of Messaging