Helpshift takes today’s consumer preferences for communication to heart.

Consumers care first and foremost about having their time valued by brands. Our complete and versatile customer service solution makes us a one-stop-shop for brands to care for their customers more effectively and efficiently, while boosting customer satisfaction and engagement.

Our Values

Be Open

Being open means having the courage to speak about our unique vision of the world while being curious about, seeking to understand, and celebrating the perspectives and experiences of others.

Be in the Know

We don’t know everything and not everything is knowable, but we seek to inform ourselves and each other so we are empowered to work well and make effective decisions together.

Listen to Learn, Pursue Growth

We pursue growth with a bias for action accelerated by asking the right questions and actively listening to diverse points of view.

Go for the Ideal; Keep it Real

We balance our idealism with a dose of pragmatism. First, we dream big, then we execute our work with thoughtful consideration of real-world limitations.

Guide Our Customers Beyond the Now

What we do hasn’t been done before. We thoughtfully guide our customers to realize and act on innovative solutions and empower them to deliver amazing outcomes for their customers.

Own Your Craft with Pride

We have a deep sense of pride and commitment to our work. This motivates each of us to constantly refine and improve our craft with a deep focus on quality and the needs of our customers.

Empower Each Other; Triumph Together

We create space that enables our colleagues to do great work, empathize with their unique challenges, and recognize opportunities to go out of our way for each other. We express gratitude for each other’s contributions, big and small, and celebrate our achievements with gusto.


Our Customers

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