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Enhance your customer service with our AI platform. Free up your team for personalized care and watch customer satisfaction soar.

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Conversational AI Chatbots:

Delivering Instant Solutions 24/7

Our AI Chatbots leverage conversational AI, machine translation, and AI-driven intent classification to provide seamless and personalized customer interactions. With advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, our chatbots understand customer queries and deliver accurate responses in real-time.

Tailor support with industry-specific AI learning

Problems can’t be resolved if they aren’t understood. Quickly identify the best path to resolution with automated intent classification 

Global Support with Multilingual Bots

Reach customers worldwide with bots fluent in over 180 languages. Ensure seamless support, regardless of location.

Drastically reduce support volume

Automate 70% of customer interactions, freeing your team for complex inquiries.

Trustworthy answers, every time

Robust safeguards to deliver reliable responses sourced directly from support content.


Automate for Impact and Scale for Success with our Visual Automation Builder

Design and deploy powerful bot workflows that provide real-time support, tackle repetitive tasks, and escalate issues without any code — enhancing customer experiences around the clock.

Modular workflows

Design modular workflows where bots seamlessly communicate and hand off tasks, enabling complex, flexible solutions.

Prioritize and route inquiries effortlessly

Eliminate triage chaos and increase team efficiency with AI-powered prioritization & routing.

Don't reinvent the bot

Leverage pre-built templates for popular use cases like Refunds, Purchases, Feedback & More.

Generative AI

AI-Powered Answers: Deliver Personalized Support, Instantly

Powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) and trained on your data to instantly deliver accurate and safe responses to customer queries.

No Misleading Answers

Solve customer issues instantly with reliable answers derived directly from your approved support content.

Understands Natural Language

Identifies the meaning and intention from customer queries and continuously learns from interactions.

Seamless Agent Handoff

When complex issues arise, the bot seamlessly connects your customer with a live agent for personalized assistance.

Intent AI

Effortless Communication Starts with Understanding: 95% Intent Detection

Eliminate manual tagging and spend less time sorting through tickets. Smart Intents automatically enriches requests by intent, sentiment and language, ensuring faster routing and resolution.

Multi-lingual AI intent detection

Break down language barriers and understand customers globally.

Intuitive Intent Menus

Empower your customers with self-service options via pre-built Intent Menus. Browse common issue categories and find solutions quickly, reducing support load.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Pre-trained to understand the nuances of your industry’s top issues, Smart Intents deliver accurate classifications from the get-go.

Intelligent Issue Classification & Routing

Our advanced Intent AI and automation streamlines your team’s workflow, ensuring efficient handling of support requests. Simplify workload management and deliver exceptional customer support with ease.

New Issue Automation
New Issue Automation

Activate automations for newly identified issues, aligning with specific criteria to optimize initial handling and response strategies.

Intent AI & Automated Assignments
Intent AI & Automated Assignments

Automatically classify and route new issues using Intent AI, matching them with the most appropriate team or agent based on their expertise and current workload, ensuring a swift and accurate response

Time-Based SLA Compliance
Time-Based SLA Compliance

Implement precise, time-based automations to uphold service level agreements, managing escalations and ensuring timely follow-ups for ongoing issues.

Pre-Built to Bespoke:

Your Complete Bot Toolbox for Any Task

Instant Solutions to Customer Queries

Custom Bot

Instant Solutions to Customer Queries

Our AI-powered Answer Bot understands customer queries and provides accurate and timely responses.

Gather Customer Insights

Feedback Bot

Gather Customer Insights

Collect valuable feedback from customers with our intelligent Feedback Bot, improving your products and services.

Instant Knowledge Base Access

Quick Search Bot

Instant Knowledge Base Access

Enable customers to find answers quickly with our Quick Search Bot, making self-service effortless.

Secure Customer Authentication

Identity Bot

Secure Customer Authentication

Ensure secure customer interactions with our Identity Bot, verifying user identities with ease.

Experience the Complete AI and Automation Suite

Segmentation and Personalization

Leverage automation to organize tickets, prioritize queues, and deliver targeted support.


Automate omnichannel support across email, SMS, chat, social messaging and beyond.

Actionable Insights

Unlock bot & automation performance with deep analytics: improve effectiveness, boost CSAT, and optimize workflows

New Issue Automation

Activate automations for newly identified issues, aligning with specific criteria to optimize initial handling and response strategies.

Time Based Automation

Implement precise, time-based automations to uphold service level agreements, managing escalations and ensuring timely follow-ups for ongoing issues.

Workflow Management

Leverage Agent Availability to track real-time availability, manage schedules, and ensure balanced distribution of work.

Happy Customers

Hear what our customers have to say about us


Our Zendesk ticket deflection rate peaked at 10%, and when agents reviewed bot-handled tickets out of curiosity, the success rate was below 50%. It took them twice as long to fix the bot’s accuracy, leading us to deactivate it. Helpshift offered intuitive tools, and even without a technical background, building and adjusting key features was very straightforward, enabling us to reach a 77% automation rate. The Helpshift Quick Search bot alone resolved 10% of basic player queries.

Vlad Oboronko

Player Support Lead at SYBO

Using Helpshift’s AI and bots, they were able to achieve up to 75% automation which reduced the number of additional agents needed by 75% of their forecasted capacity.

Helpshift has been transformative to our player support experience. Over the course of just over a year, we improved our level of automation. Most importantly, however, we have maintained CSAT throughout while achieving our vision of scaling leaner.

Ana Celeste Almeida Vieria

Player Support Manager at Nordeus

Happy Customers, Streamlined Support:

Experience the AI Bot Advantage

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Experience the AI Bot Advantage