SYBO’s Subway Surfers Achieves 4.3 CSAT and 77% Automation Rate with Helpshift in Under 3 Months

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“Partnering with an all-in-one solution with combined expertise in both personnel and tools offers significant benefits. It streamlines operations by ensuring consistency across platforms, and reducing overall costs. The true power of having the services and the technology under one roof lies in the ability to consult with Helpshift and Keywords on automation strategy and best practices, helping us with change management, and the challenges of scaling rapidly whilst maintaining cost efficiency.“

Vlad Oboronko

Player Support Lead, SYBO

SYBO - Overview


SYBO, renowned for its endless runner game Subway Surfers, has seen over 4 billion downloads since its 2012 launch. In 2023, it was the #2 most downloaded game worldwide, boasting one of the highest player retention rates. To support over 150 million monthly players and accommodate frequent in-game updates, SYBO implemented Helpshift, achieving a 95% deflection rate and a 4.3 CSAT score in less than three months.

The Challenge

SYBO faced significant challenges with their previous email-based support system, which hindered player retention and satisfaction. Requiring players to exit the game to submit a request via email adversely affected their player satisfaction and retention.
Their reliance on Zendesk’s basic functionalities limited their potential for improvement. Only achieving a 10% ticket deflection rate with Zendesk’s default bots, they struggled to maintain efficiency. Additionally, the success rate of Zendesk’s default bots was below 50%, leading to their deactivation. These challenges underscored the need for a more robust support solution to meet SYBO’s goals effectively.

“Requiring players to exit your game to submit a request via email adversely affects player retention. Our team knew that the email support provided by our previous help desk system didn’t give us the results we were looking for. Our player satisfaction and the Time to First Reply left much to be desired, and our Player Support Team knew we had to look at these metrics from another perspective and change the status quo. Helpshift, with its advanced AI, bots, automation capabilities out of the box and its gaming expertise, caught my attention and appeared to be the best solution for us.”
– Vlad Oboronko, Player Support Lead, SYBO
SYBO - Challenge

The Solution

Helpshift was integrated within three months, requiring less than two days for SDK implementation.

“We partnered with Helpshift for their advanced AI features and responsive team, facilitating a fast transition from Zendesk. The fast implementation process was well structured and highly conducive to meeting the demands of our customer support operations. Moreover, the SYBO Tech Team found the SDK solution seamless to integrate and manage within the game, which was also a significant advantage for us.”
– Vlad Oboronko, Player Support Lead, SYBO
In-game optimized FAQs with and QuickSearch bot deflection
85% of issues submitted through messaging channels (SDK)
Smart intents implemented to automate routing to full or partial bot workflows
Leveraged time-based automation to assist with SLA management and custom bots to triage and collect information
Language AI (average CSAT of 4.45) Machine translation built right into the Helpshift platform

The Results

In the first month post-implementation, SYBO’s team effectively handled an increased workload without needing to hire additional agents, achieving an 80% boost in agent productivity. Helpshift’s integration significantly reduced support tickets via email, with only 10% of the workload coming from emails compared to 100% previously. They achieved a remarkable 95% deflection rate in Subway Surfers, with a notable 7 times increase in automation, freeing up agents’ time for complex issues. This efficiency translated into substantial initial savings of $333K.

SYBO enhanced the player experience by eliminating email submissions, achieving a 1h40m Time to First Response in Subway Surfers, an 86% decrease, and a 4.3 CSAT compared to 3.8 with Zendesk. Notably, their CSAT for automation surpassed agent-only interactions, showcasing the effectiveness of human-automation synergy. Leveraging Helpshift, SYBO identified potential bugs and incorporated player feedback, and influenced their live Ops strategy, enhancing overall player experience and engagement.

SYBO’s partnership with Helpshift not only streamlined operation and reduced costs but also significantly improved player support, demonstrating the benefits of a unified technology and services solution.

“We found a true partner, not just a software provider. Their level of engagement surpasses any other company I’ve collaborated with in the past. Their roadmap of new features is remarkable and enables us to keep up with the rapid pace of technology. Helpshift’s all-in-one solution spared us from the complexities of managing multiple vendors. Overall, they exceeded our expectations with their industry understanding and cutting-edge technology.”
– Vlad Oboronko, Player Support Lead, SYBO

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