Unlock Global Success with Language AI and Global Agent Network

Seamlessly connect with customers in their native languages and provide cost-effective, 24/7 support with our innovative customer service solution.

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Language AI

The Frontier of Multilingual Customer Support

At the heart of customer satisfaction lies the ability to communicate effectively. Helpshift’s Language AI not only eliminates language barriers but does so with finesse and context-specific understanding.

Multilingual Conversations
Multilingual Conversations

Embedded directly into the platform, Language AI enables real-time messaging translation between your support agents and customers in their native language.

One-click FAQ Translation
One-click FAQ Translation

Effortlessly extend your help articles to a global audience with a single click, making your resources more accessible and relevant in multiple languages.

Multilingual Intent Recognition
Multilingual Intent Recognition

Helpshift’s Language AI understands the customer’s intent in over 150 languages, paving the way for accurate assistance regardless of linguistic diversity.

Multilingual Chatbots
Multilingual Chatbots

Enhance support operations with multilingual chatbots that can assist, guide, and resolve issues for a diverse customer base effortlessly.

The Frontier of Multilingual Customer Support

Multilingual agents

Global Agent Network: Personal Touch Across Borders

When human touch becomes key, outsource your needs confidently to Helpshift’s global roster of expert support agents.

Around-the-Clock Coverage

Our support agents are available 24/7, ensuring that timely and empathetic help is always at hand, regardless of time zones.

Cultural Proficiency

Agents are not only language experts but also culturally aware, providing contextually appropriate service.

Global Scalability

No matter the size of your operation or the languages you support, our network scales to meet your demand.

Global Agent Network Personal Touch Across Borders


Multilingual Workforce: Your Key to Global Success

Scalable Coverage

Choose dedicated or on-demand coverage adapted to your volumes and needs – remote, in-office, or hybrid.

Ongoing Training

Continuous learning ensures our agents stay proficient in linguistic and customer support advancements.

Tailored Customer Interactions

Should complexities arise, a smooth hand-off to human support occurs, armed with the contextual insights needed for a swift and personalized resolution.

Rapid Time to Value

See value quickly with fast project set-up, scalability and swift answers to all your questions.

The Impact of Helpshift's Multilingual Capabilities

Average reduction in costs for non-English support tickets
0 %
Increase in customer satisfaction scores (CSAT)
0 %
Faster first response time to customer inquiries.
0 %

Customer Success Stories

Discover how our customers have benefited from the Self Help Experience

Huuuge Games

Now, with AI, it’s much easier. It helps us reduce the time of response to players. It helps us increase CSAT, especially for Asian languages, which are the most tricky ones. We did an A/B test, and for the non-translated tickets and the translated tickets, we saw an improvement of as far as 0.5 when it came to CSAT. It was a really good result. It’s also a really good tool to optimize the cost.

Sebastian Brant

Director of Player Services at Huuuge


All our support employees are in-house. Today we answer customer inquiries 24/7 across 10-15 languages with a geographically distributed team

Nataly Kuzmina

Head of Support at Playrix

Transform Your Global Support Experience

With Helpshift’s cutting-edge AI and global agent network, you’re not just adopting a support solution; you’re setting a new standard for global customer care. Request a demo or contact our team for more information.

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