Unveiling Success: $10.6M in Savings — KRAFTON’s Launch of BGMI



Improved Agent Efficiency


CSAT Score Increase




in Total Savings


KRAFTON, a leading name in the gaming industry, embarked on an ambitious journey with the launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), aiming to redefine player engagement and set new benchmarks in customer satisfaction. The launch was not just about bringing a new game to the market; it was about creating an unparalleled gaming experience, fostering positive player relationships, and achieving significant cost reductions in support operations. KRAFTON’s partnership with Helpshift played a pivotal role in realizing these ambitious goals, leveraging advanced AI and automation to enhance the support journey and deliver exceptional player experiences.

The Challenge

Prior to the launch of BGMI, KRAFTON faced several challenges critical to the game’s success. The company aimed to position BGMI as a pioneering Battle Royale game in a highly competitive market. This required ensuring seamless player onboarding, providing timely and efficient support responses, surpassing customer satisfaction expectations, and optimizing resource allocation during an influx of player inquiries. Recognizing the significance of these elements in achieving overall success, KRAFTON sought a solution that could address these challenges effectively and ensure a triumphant game launch.

The Solution

To tackle the challenges head-on, KRAFTON partnered with Helpshift, leveraging their Modern Support Journey (MSJ) framework. This partnership was instrumental in addressing the complexities of managing player inquiries and delivering exceptional support. Helpshift’s MSJ framework included the development of a custom solution, the Unban Bothersome Solution, which utilized built-in logic to differentiate genuine players from cheaters, significantly improving efficiency and reducing the risk of incorrect unbanning. Furthermore, Helpshift’s AI and bots enabled up to 75% automation in support operations, reducing the need for additional agents by 75% of the forecasted capacity, thus addressing the challenge of efficient resource allocation.

The Results

The partnership between KRAFTON and Helpshift yielded remarkable results, setting new standards in player engagement and support. Within one year post-launch, KRAFTON achieved a total savings of $10.6 million for BGMI, comprising $1,615,000 in FAQs savings and around $8,985,000 from automation using AI and bots. These cost reductions were a testament to the value of Helpshift’s support partnership. The success was further underscored by a steady 13% increase in the overall CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score, showcasing heightened player satisfaction.

The triumphant launch of BGMI and the successful partnership with Helpshift laid the foundation for continued growth and success in the gaming industry for KRAFTON. This dynamic partnership not only exceeded customer satisfaction expectations but also addressed a critical industry challenge, marking a momentous milestone for KRAFTON in the Indian gaming market. The collaboration’s success has been celebrated across the industry, with industry experts and press praising BGMI’s immersive gameplay and outstanding customer support, further cementing KRAFTON’s reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.